Getting Started with ROS ( Robotic Operating System ).

Picture of Getting Started with ROS ( Robotic Operating System ).
This tutorial is going to walk you through installing Ubuntu 10.10 and the Diamondback version of ROS. It assumes you are new to Ubuntu and ROS and is meant to be a dummies guide to installing and configuring a Multiple ROS Master System. Note there are newer versions of ROS available as well as Ubuntu which you can choose to install on your own.  
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Step 1: What is ROS ?

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For those unfamiliar with ROS. It is a open source robotic operating system which provides standard operating system services such as hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management. It is based on a graph architecture where processing takes place in nodes that may receive, post and multiplex sensor, control, state, planning, actuator and other messages. In layman terms it connects hardware with software to allow for a advanced programming environment for controlling low-level hardware. Not to mention it also has powerful tools for running things in simulation along with 3d visualizations. 

Step 2: The build ...

Picture of The build ...
The list of components we are going to need are as follows:

1.   2 dual-core computers. 1.6ghz or higher with at least 2gb of ram is recommended. 
2.   A Turtlebot or Turtlebot compatible robot ( http://www.zagrosrobotics.com/shop/custom.aspx?recid=60 )
3.   Gyro power/board  - optional - ( http://store.iheartengineering.com/robots/turtlebot/accessories/ihe-0200-0000-fa00.html )
3.   Wifi router
4.   And a 4gb usb flashdrive 
pobot_eric6 months ago


Your setting of ROS_HOSTNAME is wrong : it should be either a machine network name or its IP.

Using your example produces the error message "invalid ROS_HOSTNAME (protocol should not be included)" when starting roscore.

ROS official documentation on this point :


Best regards


ravewings1 year ago
Great tutorial, it only costs about $5000 to complete...

There needs to be an arduino level 'robot operating system' or a 'robot simulator'.
This is a great tutorial that inspire me to write an overview of robotic operating systems designed to be used from complex to simple robots