Getting Started With the LM317 Voltage Regulator


Introduction: Getting Started With the LM317 Voltage Regulator

In this instructable we give you an overview of the LM317 Voltage Regulator and how to configure it. The LM317 is popular voltage regulator among makers because of its low cost and its adjustable output voltage. You can purchase the LM317 at



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    Nice tutorial, thank you.. John :)

    You can buy LM317 ICs a lot of places. I can't remember where I bought the last bunch I got. It might have been off Amazon? Not that Amazon is my go to place for electronic components, but for that order it was. I was going to use them in the current configuration for some LED lasers I picked up, but I just ended up using resistors for that. I did end up using three LM317 ICs out of that batch in different power supplies so far.

    There's two in this