Introduction: Lego Raptor

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you need to make these parts for the raptor. sorry I didn't do all the pieces you need but this is a great model

Step 1: Legs

Picture of Legs

for your velociraptor to be a fast runner it needs some powerful legs. just make sure you build 2.

Step 2: Leg Joints

Picture of Leg Joints

need to be done

Step 3: The Head

Picture of The Head

put your heads together for ...

Step 4: Let Me Tell Yu a Tail...

Picture of Let Me Tell Yu a Tail...

short and stubby. pretty easy.

Step 5: Put Them All Together And...

Picture of Put Them All Together And...

u can do it laddie,

Step 6: Voila


Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-01-03

this looks really cool:)

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