Getting Videos From the Internet to Your IPod, Quick, Easy, and FREE!





Introduction: Getting Videos From the Internet to Your IPod, Quick, Easy, and FREE!

   Sometimes you see a video on YouTube, and you want it on your iPod. I did, and couldn't figure it out, but then I did, so I decided to share it with the internet. This guide only applies to YouTube if you use the same downloading software as me, but if you want to download RealPlayer instead, it works for any video on the World Wide Web.
   Do not blame me if you get arrested or sued or anything like that. I do not believe this is illegal but it may be copyright infringment. But honestly, who cares anyway?

Step 1: Get a Download Program

   The program of choice for me is DVDVideoSoft Free Studio. You can download it at the following site: It is totally free and has many functions, including downloading and uploading YouTube videos, converting to MP3, converting to Apple iPod format, ripping and burning CDs, etc. If you do any iPod editing or CD ripping, it is a good program to use. And it's totally free.
   An alternitive is to download RealPlayer SP. Try some other site for this, as I will keep on doing it my way, and do not plan on using Real anytime soon.

Step 2: Find Videos and Download

  Go on YouTube and find a video to download. Highlight the URL and click "Cut" or "Copy". For this Instructable, I will download a video called "Stuck on the logs". It is a video that I put up, and am only downloading it to show you how. It's already on my computer.
   Once DVDVideoSoft is downloaded, open it up and click on the orange column to the far left. It is labeled "Internet". Then click on the first link, "Free YouTube Download". A new window will open saying, "Copy a YouYube link from your browser address bar and Paste here". Then right-click, and hit "Paste" or "Paste and Download". Then hit download at the bottom of the screen. A 3rd window opens, and you are downloading. Look at the yellow note things (all).

Step 3: Convert the Videos to IPod Format

   Now you need to convert the videos to an iPod format. Don't put it into any old MP4 converter, iPods don't use MP4. You can use the same program you use to download. Click the X in the upper right corner so you get to the main menu of the program. Then click on the green bar labeled "DVD & Video". Click the link at the bottom of the first column, "Free video to iPod & PSP Converter". A new window will open. Click "Browse", then it will bring you to a folder in Documents. Click on the folder "FreeYouTubeDownload" and find the video or videos you want to convert. Then click "Convert" in the bottom right corner. A 3rd window will open and the videos will begin to convert.

Step 4: Put Into ITunes

   Next, open up iTunes or plug in your iPod. For this project, I will be using my iPod touch, because i lost my Nano. Also, open up "Documents > DVDVideoSoft > FreeYouTubeDownload". Then drag all of the videos you want into "Movies" in iTunes. Then click Sync.
   Once your iPod is done syncing, click the "Person's iPod" tab on the side. Then click on the top tab, "Movies". Put a check mark in both boxes if they are not already checked (mine where not). Click the "Apply" button and your iPod screen should begin to sync. When it's done, you should have videos on your iPod! Yay!

Step 5: Watch Your New Videos!

  That's it! Go into Videos and you should have all of the downloaded videos there! If something DIDN"T work, than you can e-mail me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can watch the video I downloaded at the following link:



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    Except this method, i think you can use a converting software to rip the video such as YouTube video to mp4. mov or other popular formats, you can get more knowledge from here:


    2 years ago

    There're actually many ways to download videos to MOV so as to import them into iPod. You could look for which provides free service for downloading clips from YouTube or other sites. It also lets users export videos to MOV, AVI, MP4 and more, getting compatible formats for your portable players. More tip are available here.

    Without written permission from the poster of the owner of the content on youtube, it is illegal to download those movies. Have fun in prison!

    2 replies

    Ok, then i'm not mad at you. I'm angry at the guys who are all smug with there illegal content, and who aren't in jail yet. Hasn't anyone read those "fbi warnings" at the beginning of movies?

     nice ible, very very well done,  but i jailbroke my iphone so i hazzez free movies already :-) 5 stars btw

    5 replies

    after jailbreaking i get for free:
    every app
    every tv show
    every movie (including ones not even in theaters)
    any song


    Also, you get a nice visit from the police, throwing you in jail for pirated content. Jailbreaking is not illegal, but downloading pirated content is. I hope you go to jail for a VERY long time. BTW, you could just walk into a store and steal the content (cd, dvd, whatever), since it would be less traceable. Have fun is prison!

     jailbreaking has nothing to do with getting free tv shows/movies/songs.
    even if you weren't jailbroken you could still get them for free.

    Nice try 15 points for this intrucatable but on a itouch/iphone you could just download mxtube/yourtube with source thru cydia nice try though