Step 4: Tips Tricks and Notes

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For Men 
Because you are not looking for a girlfriend doesn't mean that you shouldn't still be doing these things... A great confidence boosting technique that I use all the time, is to just walk up to a girl and compliment her and walk away after getting your response. 

Remember that the primary thing that the woman is looking for is confidence... this is the way that you carry yourself, the way that you talk to her, for her to think you are attractive, you must first know that YOUR attractive. Compliment baiting works well for women... not men.

Also remember.. there is a line between assertive and asshat don't cross the line... just be yourself.. just be a nice guy.. and call it the way it is. 

For Women
Guys for the most part don't like playing games... Mainly because you overestimate our intelligence. Guys are not that smart. Sorry. We don't want you to be easy.. but if you like us... giving us slightly-more-than subtle hints would be wonderful. 

Don't date a guy thinking that he will change... because we wont... both of your personalties WILL, however, assimilate into each other. However, a cheater is a cheater, he wont change... take it from me as a guy... we don't change. If you want to be with a guy who is a cheater, you better at least set up some type of open relationship until you both can settle down. 

For Everyone
This information really works, I do NOT get shut down by women.. While I am single, its because I moved out into the bush of Alaska... there are no women I am interested in. 

The only thing is you have to just do what it says... if you do not follow the guide... the guide doesn't work (crazy concept). 

Obviously this can be expanded, so if you want to provide more tips and tricks just put them in the comments and I will put them here.

Acepilot425 years ago
nothing worked for me so far.
teamcoltra (author)  Acepilot425 years ago
 Are you just going up and doing it, KNOWING she is going to say yes? Or are you over-analyzing the situation? You just have to be very personal and go up and say HI!

It gets easier bud, as soon as you get it down... 
well, i did talk to several girls and none gave me their numbers.
well for me it would be just too creepy if a guy walks up to me and starts a conversation.
i look back at my comments i posted 2 years ago. i realise how socially akward i seem lol and yeah it is really random for someone to just walk up and talk if you dont know them. you kinda have to put yourself in a situation where its not so akward to just start "talking" to them
he did state earlier guys that you gotta look for a situation where the girl is to bored to care who she talks to lol ;)