Step 2: Driving aboard

Picture of Driving aboard
Drive the front wheel up the ramp and stop. Line up the back wheel with the ramp if it is not already. It needs to be exactly in line otherwise it may climb up the side of the channel and fall off. It's quite easy to hold the bike like this - leave it in gear and use the clutch and front brake to control the motion. You don't need the back brake.

When everything is lined up properly, start the bike and drive it quickly up the ramp, stepping smartly aboard while holding it upright.

I secure the bike to the port side shrouds, and cover it with a tarpaulin to keep spray off. In heavy seas this area can get very wet, and salt water is not good for bikes. I have not had the motorcycle aboard in these conditions but I used to keep a bicycle there and it was seriously degraded by the experience. Now I keep it across the stern, but that's not an option for the motorcycle (unless I built a special rack for it).


here the problem now u need to counter weight the motorbike on the boat some how, the pedal bike wont flip yr boat. but the motorcycle might.

adaviel (author)  astral_mage2 months ago

The boat weighs 6 tons. The 200lb bike is insignificant. I wouldn't try it with a sailing dingy. I also have a small catamaran I've adapted to take the bike (might write that up), where placement is a bit more critical.