(2016) Getting an Administrator Account on Home/School/Work/ Ect. (Windows Version)





Introduction: (2016) Getting an Administrator Account on Home/School/Work/ Ect. (Windows Version)

  • Hello, & for a disclaimer, I'm showing you this in case you need to Change, Add, or Delete an Account and cannot do it any other way. Now that that's out of the way, let's get started. In this method, you'll need to have access to the "ease of access" button on your login screen (pic above).

Step 1: Getting CMD (Command Prompt) to Replace the Ease Button

  1. On the login screen, hold the power button until the PC shuts down
  2. It should load up saying something like "There Was An Error Shutting Down" but, a MSG that reads "Start Windows Normally" click it & hit 'CTRL+ALT+DEL' very quickly (You can also spam it by tapping repeatedly if you want to be safe.
  3. A MSG should show up "Launch Startup Repair", click it (PIC 1) (NOTE: if this does not pop up, restart from step 1)
  4. This will take fast computers 15 or so min, but the slower computers might take a half an hour to an hour, but after that, this window will show up and at the bottom a drop down called 'View details' is there, click it, and scroll to the bottom (PIC 2) and click said link.
  5. A notepad will open, at the top left click "File" then "Open" (PIC 3.)
  6. On the left sidebar, click Computer, select the D drive (PIC 4.)
  7. Click "Windows" then scroll down to the "System32" file. After that, click the "Files of Type" button on the bottom window and change that to "All Files" so we can see the Utilman & CMD app's (PIC 5.)
  8. Find the app called "Utilman" & rename it to "Utilman1" (PIC 6.)
  9. Then find the app called "CMD" right click it, copy, & paste directly in the same folder (System32) and rename it to "Utilman." (The U's in Utilman's need to be capped.)
  10. Now exit out of it, exit out of the notepad, click "Don't Send", & then click "Finish"(This will restart the computer & bring you back to your login screen) that's where the next part comes in.

Step 2: Changing the Administrator's Password

  1. Now if you click the "Ease of Access Button" it should open up Command Prompt. Note: accessing CMD here on the login screen gives you elevated privileges (The Highest it Can Go) right above admin privileges, you now have System32Privileges in the login screen, but that's not the end of this.
  2. Type cls, then hit enter (Just Clears The Text) then type (net user Administrator * ) Note: include the * after Administrator as well & if you are trying to just change your password, just replace Administrator with your exact account name. (PIC 1)
  3. If (PIC 2) shows up then use step 4, other than that, you should now be able to access your account
  4. If (PIC 2) shows up then open CMD, csl, hit enter, then type (net user Administrator /Active:yes) exactly like that. Now your account should be working
  5. I hope you liked this, and there are other methods you can use with this CMD exploit, like : Adding an Administrator Account, changing passwords to a certain user in a domain (like a school domain for ex) etc.. if you'd like to see that and or more, please comment and or follow so I know you guys are wanting more instructions like these. thank you & if you have any problems, please comment them & I'll reach them ASAP.



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    i forgot to say that this method only works for windows 7, comment if you guys want one for 8 or 10

    If you could make one of these for windows 10 that would be cool.

    okay, i'll try and get one going, have you tried it with windows 10? or just being safe?

    Is there a way to just find out the admin password from the lock screen?

    not without a little know how about hacking really, and sorry i didn't see this msg earlier

    ahh, no, that'd be patched instantly by microsoft if there was an exploit like that. this is the only method of getting admin priv i've came across that has worked.

    Thanks!! This is very helpful.

    you're welcome, hope yah get what you want from this