There are a few ways to find your way around in the game. You can just wander around, keep track of your coordinates, craft up a boat, or even zoom around in a Minecart. Check out this collection of ways to find your way around in Minecraft.

Step 1: Coordinates

Coordinates are very handy for finding your way around assuming you remember the coordinates of where you were so you can find your way back later.

To see your coordinates, you need to pull up the Debug screen which is F3 on the computer version. The Debug screen gives you a lot of information, but we are going to concentrate on the coordinate related points. The points are based on an origin point.

What you are going to use from the Debug Screen:

  • X - Coordinate : shows how far East (positive number) or West (negative number) you are
  • Z - Coordinate : shows how far South (positive number) or North (negative number) you are
  • Y - Coordinate : shows how above or below Sea Level (Level 63) you are (this does not go negative)

Direction - You can tell what direction you are facing by looking at the f: number

  • 0 = South
  • 1 = West
  • 2 = North
  • 3 = East

Biome - the b: tells you which Biome you are in; the screenshot shows I am in "Plains"

Using Coordinates:

  • I find it most handy to record the X and Z of certain locations you want to keep in mind (home, lava pool, jungle, Mooshroom Biome, etc)
  • If you are able to walk exactly straight in one direction, only the X or Z coordinates will change, this is very difficult and most likely you they will both change as you go
<p>the skin looks cool but a little bit wierd</p>
<p>Yeah, the Instructables robot looks a little odd translated into a Minecraft skin :)</p>
Cool post
<p>Thank you :)</p>
love your skin.
O yea u can use soulsand for dock. Boats will NOT break on it.
O and I have an artillery piece too, so I don't need golems.
Your skin is so cool! Did you make it yourself?
<p>I did! I shared it <a target="_blank" href="http://www.instructables.com/community/Instructables-Robot-Minecraft-Skin/">here</a>.</p>
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Does the empty map has to be 8 paper and a compass! Does the empty map fill in its self??
<p>Yes, you need 8 pieces of paper and a compass just to make one map. When you make it it will be empty and it will fill in when you use it like you would use anything else in the game. So only use it when you are in a location you want to map.</p>
<p>Now you've got me interested in trying Minecraft, dangit!</p>
<p>XD</p><p>Its really fun dude I recomend it</p>
<p>I didn't realize the relation of the X/Y/Z coordinates when working underground because I figured I didn't need to know where I was going since I was only going one way, Down. ~LOL~ I got it after my daughter pointed it out one day while mining for diamonds. Thanks for posting.</p>
Haha, I love your skin!! It's awesome!
<p>Thank you!</p>

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