Getting around the dreaded code 404 (page not found)

Picture of Getting around the dreaded code 404 (page not found)
Hate seeing 404 pages all the time or you click a Google search result only to find the page has been deleted? If so this is the instructable for you!
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Step 1: Get the bookmarklet

Picture of Get the bookmarklet
Make a new bookmark and were the url should go enter this code:


there have been reports of it not working in Firefox thanks to colin353 for making a FF version:


name it 404 killer

Step 2: Done!

next time you get a 404 page just click the bookmarklet and the page will instantly be viewable.

munchman6 years ago
This is really cool, I've actually been looking for something like this for a while. I hope you don't mind, linked to it on my blog.
colin3536 years ago
nice hack, doesn't work in firefox

fixed it for you:

liammk (author)  colin3536 years ago
added this anyway
liammk (author)  colin3536 years ago
it works in ff for me