Getting Free Music Legally (and Converting It to MP3 Format)





Introduction: Getting Free Music Legally (and Converting It to MP3 Format)

In this instructable i will show you how to get free music without downloading it or instead of hooking it up to the headphones jack you could hook it up to your record player and transfer your vinyl to MP3.

Step 1: Tools

1)LAME "LAME ain't an MP3 encoder"
2)Audacity "open source cross platform sound recorder
3)Weird cable

Step 2: Get Audacity

Start Internet, then go to and search for Audacity then download it.

Step 3: Setup Audacity

Follow the instructions to install Audacity.

Step 4: Download LAME

Go to Sourceforge.netand find and download LAME.

Step 5: Configure LAME

Now just follow the pictures Search for lame.exe go to the folder you downloaded it to.

Step 6: Plug Cable In

Plug the cable in to the front headphone and Mic jacks

Step 7: Now Turn Them Into MP3's

Follow where i click then enter the id3 data where i do id3s hold the data like song title and author

Step 8: Final Thoughts

Remember to open a new Audacity window every time on the id3 data doesn't stay the same. I don't know whats wrong but in stem seven you find some internet radio and when the music starts you hit record.



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Ditto.... Unless you're just converting your vinyl to digital format (as stated in the intro).

...but not in the final step... It would also be nice to explain, step by step, the process rather than how to install the programs. Also... That mp3 posted in the final step is not legal.

"don't do that. it's not legal." Doesn't anyone have morals anymore?

I believe most people have morals and it is an innate sense to want to do what is right, to help the person up that stumbles in the street, etc. Laws are only as good as the people that right them and enact them. I imagine there are instances when one may be morally correct but against the "law'. Plus this particular topic is not black and white on what is legal and what is illegal.
Let me offer an example, I just watched an interview of the lead singer of a band out of the Bay area that would prefer their music be downloaded off the internet (I guess one could say stolen) as it is free-market. Like others have stated before, musicians (and the artist stated this in the interview) rarely see much from the purchase of their albums or mp3s. They would prefer to be heard, have people come out and see them live and spend their money on a t-shirt, sticker, even their music at their vendor stand in the show. You are making certain assumptions I believe...correct me if I'm wrong...that you are ripping off the artist that used their creativity to bring this music about.
Also, it's a tricky world to uphold one's own moral code. Do you buy any Kraft or Nestle products? If you did any research on these companies you would probably immediately stop if you were to stick to your morals. Kraft is rated #2 on the 10 worst companies on the planet for overall social and environmental record, Nestle #6) Do you ever shop at Wal-mart? The Multinational Monitor has them on their "Worst Corporation" List for 5+ years and they got the Greenwash Award for public deception. Nestle for instance has won the "Most Irresponsible" corporation award, practices aggressive takeovers of family farms, are involved in child slavery lawsuits, not to mention the whole Gerber baby food fiasco.(some of their water brands alone include Arrowhead, San Peligrino, Perrier & ice creams Dreyers & Haagen-Daz - you can find a list on wikipedia;-). As we are more capitalist and consumerist than true democracy every dollar is a vote!

the only way to really sho it step by step is to have a step for each picture so to follow the steps follow the pictures

Well all I will say is you get Caught then dont come crying here for sympathy........................... have a nice day!!

or you can just go to :)

you know, there is a certain sound recorder out there, one which i am not at liberty to mention, that can record the sound that you are listening to, from a hypothetical streaming music site, and can record from the beginning to the end, without stopping at sixty seconds.