Step 4: Test It!

Now just put the ATmega8 into the circuit and see if it works. If it does, you can write your own programs and build lots of cool things. If not, look for the error. And remember: Be patient!

There are some problems with the attachments here, so i uploaded the schematics and the code stuff to Rapidshare.


please upload file again. link in rapidshare.com - broken
Why do you use ponyprog and not the build-in programmers of Bascom? They are so easy to work with.
He may be using a serial programmer that is not directly supported by BASCOM, or may not have been supported at the time the piece was written. I had a problem using the Pololu USB programmer and had to use AVR Studio to load the HEX file into the Atmel... then Mark made a change to BASCOM after I communicated with him and updated BASCOM to support the programmer.<br><br>Hope that helps,<br>Jerry

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