Getting Youtube Vids to PSP





Introduction: Getting Youtube Vids to PSP

My first instructable telling you how to get youtube vids to your psp. Which is one of the best kept secrets on the internet !!

Step 1: Downloading the Nessessary Programs

To download vids and to put them to your psp you will need to have two programs .
The programs are PSP video express and orbit downloader,.
Just type them into google to find them !!

By the way i am assuming that you have the correct folders made on your MS Pro duo

Step 2: Downloading a Vid

Right click in the margin of your desired video and select grab by orbit then select ok . In a few secs time you would have dl the vid automatically. Congrats you have got the vid in flv format!! However to get it to your psp it needs to be in MP4 format . Thats when PSP video express comes in!

Step 3: Changing the Format to Be Compattible With PSP

Open up PSP video express and click on the add file button and find your vid . Your vid should be in a folder named downloads. Mine is in local disk C. (BTW when you add the file in PSP vid ex you need to drop down to all files )

Step 4: Cont

Once you have found the vid it should play and then you press on the record it button to record it to Mp4 format (When you press record thats when it starts recording )

Step 5: Getting It to You Psp

Well... you can figure the rest out yourself

And that's it plz comment good or bad



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if you try to do it directly u dont haz nough memory :D

GUYS! Stop flaming about how useless and terrible this is.. THIS WAS MADE 3 YEARS AGO IN 2007!!!! This was when there was no free youtube downloaders that worked. This was when psptube wasn't out. Just let this die

I can put youtube to ipod/ IPhone even without any Internet Connection. what about save and convert youtube video for IPad?

absolutely useless...screwed around with this junk for an hour. Garbage!

could you plz help becuz when i click video express it says cannot get DLL

Or you can get cfw like me and download psptube and get youtube vids from your psp

for real save time man noobz these dayz jkjk everyone get wit the program

can you please explain the last part

just press record after you have opened up the file and wait for it to finish recording. Then a popup will well... pop up and it will tell you to transfer it to your psp. Click on that button and another popup will appear. Then click on your selected file on the popup and click tranfer to psp. You can also transfer the title image. Hope this helps!