We don't actually celebrate Halloween in Australia, but I was reading random articles on Instructables the other day and I stumbled across Lmnopeas'  Vampire-Rimmed Cocktail Glasses and thought "That would be perfect for serving Blood and Fingernails Cocktails in." So, I flicked through my recipe books until I found the original recipe, which had tomato juice and flaked almonds, not what I'd call a cocktail, especially since I don't even like tomatoes, so I flicked through one of my other books and, eventually, found this one, or something similar. The recipe was simple enough, but I made some modifications anyway.

So, here it is, after about half an hour or so of work, this is my Ghastly Blood and Fingernails cocktail. It's perfect as a novelty drink for Halloween parties, especially when served in the Vampire Glasses, alongside Caitlinsdad's Finger Food, or as a refreshing drink in the middle of summer.

Step 1: Ingredients

For this marvellously simple, gruesome, yet refreshing drink, you will need:

10 Blood oranges
1 punnet (250g) of strawberries
1 bottle of lemonade
1 packet of flaked almonds

 You'll also need a citrus juicer, a blender, a sieve and some serving glasses (or a punchbowl).

When you're choosing blood oranges, the best ones to pick should be a fairly dark shade of orange, almost brown. The more even the darker orange, the riper it is. They also need to be soft, but not mushy. You want to get the most juice from them as possible. You should note, that this recipe makes enough for about seven people, but you should be able to modify it accordingly.

Obviously, you're not going to use the whole bottle of lemonade, or the whole packet of almonds, but I figure, it's far easier to just give you a shopping list than to go over inexact, potentially variable values.

Tip: If you choose, you can also supplement the lemonade for another sparkling liquid of your choosing. If you wanted, you could use ginger ale to give it a slightly spicier flavour or you could use plain sparkling mineral water. If you wish make it slightly more adults-only, you can also include your choice of spirits to the mix.

Tip: The original recipe actually calls for raspberries as well as strawberries. Personally, I don't think it needs it, but, if you wanted to you could use half strawberries and half raspberries for a bit of extra tang.
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