Ghee, Home-made Recipie





Introduction: Ghee, Home-made Recipie

This is my experience in doing ghee. Originary from ancient India,

it is a class of clarified butter used in cuisines and traditional medicine.

Step 1: Ingredients and Accessories

- two pots, one from thick glass with handle;

- two jars clean and dry (for 600 gr of butter);

- two pieces of cheesecloth (for filtering);

- unsalted butter (extremely fat).

Step 2: Heating the Butter

The butter is cut and put in the glass pot.
I chose the bain-marie method, not to burn the butter.
The melting process must not be accelerated by melting.

Step 3: The Skimming Operation

During the melting, the scum formed on the surface must be removed
away with a slotted spoon, as much as possible.

On the bottom of the glass pot, some white flakes will precipitate:
proteins from butter.

Step 4: Pouring Into the Jars

The operation is finished when the central area is clear and with no

movements of precipitations. The color will be like amber.

Carefully, we pour the liquid into the jar through a thick filter made from

the cheesecloth. It is important to do this operation slowly, to prevent the

movement of the precipitated residue.

We close the jars with covers after the cooling of the product.

It can be used instead of oil.

It has amazing properties that must be explored!



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    Thank you for the comment. My english maybe is not so accurate. I chose scum intead of whey, due to the dictionary definition: scum form on the surface of a boiling liquid, scum that must be removed on this product.

    Nice Instructable. I think you put it in the wrong category though. This is definitely not a vegan recipe if you are using real butter.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your comment. You are perfectly right. I have to find out how to change the chosen category.