Introduction: Ghetto Camera Smoother/Handle

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Here's the $10 camera handle I use for skateboarding. What you need:
-2 L-Shaped Brackets/Corner braces
-1 Bolt with a 1/4'' thread (depends on you camera's tripod mount)
-1 Random sized bolt & 2 nuts
-Duck tape (optional, but recommended)

Step 1: Putting It Together

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Line the 2 brackets up in a sideways U shape
Put the random bolt through the hole in the middle, tighten nut
(optional) tape the top part of your handle, where you will be holding it
Now on the bottom part put your 1/4'' bolt trough, and into the camera tripod mount. Done!


zazenergy (author)2011-09-13

neat! it would be awesome to see one of your videos on here!

samfraley (author)zazenergy2011-09-14

sure, i'm filming this weekend

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