Step 3: Connect speaker

Picture of Connect speaker
1. Find an old speaker from the front of an old computer, Or just use any speaker that will fit nicely.
2. Desolder the red and black wires from it.
3. Solder the headphones wire to the speaker. Both colored wires go to the + side and both copper wires go to the - side.
4. Put the bottom foam in the tin and seat the speaker in it.
5. Pull the extra wire out through the hole so the knot is against it.

Yay! The bottom is done.
How loud would this be if I connected it directly to ipod directly (without amp)..
hackman12347 years ago
I am w/atomicrabbit(a bit of a noob). I tried to test my speaker(since it was a fair bit larger than yours)by touching the wires to the sides and blugging it in but nothing happened. Do you have to solder them for the input to properly work?
bbb0108 years ago
where do u put the red and copper wires
hack124x768 (author)  bbb0108 years ago
red goes to + copper goes to -, I have said that quite a few times now, hope it helps.
How do you "desolder" it? Sorry i am new to soldering...
hack124x768 (author)  Themanmatt138 years ago
Hold the soldering iron against the joint you want to de-solder until it turns to liquid (it will get REALLY shiny if it was a dull gray), then pull the two parts apart. Sometimes it takes a while with a low powered soldering iron.
On your second pic where it shows the back of the speaker after soldering, it looks like both of the wires are going intpo the center hole of the speaker.. I am using a similar speaker and just want to clarify where i solder them 2
hack124x768 (author)  Themanmatt138 years ago
There should be a strip of cardboard with two solder points on it, on labeled + and one -, solder to those. On some smaller speakers they just have four points with no labels on the edge, if thats the case, the two one the left are for one wire, and the two onthe right for the other. The order doesn't matter two much.