Ghetto DVD Rewinder





Introduction: Ghetto DVD Rewinder

Since regular DVD rewinders are so expensive I designed a simple cheap DVD rewinder you can make yourself.

Step 1: Parts

-A motor
-Some Tape
-A Small Cardboard Box
-Some Wire
-A Battery

Step 2: Wire Up the Motor

Get your motor (I found mine in a thing) and attach wire to it.
Then, attach one of the wire to one end of the battery.

Step 3: Finish Him.

Attach the motor to the side of the box with some tape.

Step 4: How to Use It

1. Take the DVD you want to rewind and put tape over the center hole.
2. Stick the tape to the motor, make sure it's on the part that spins.
3. Attach the unattached wire to the free side of the battery.
4. When it's done rewinding remove the DVD for use.
WARNING! Make sure you spin it to the left, to rewind it.


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I just wait until midnight, then play it >> Forward. Since the world is now upside down, the DVD is in essence "<< Rewinding. The next morning it is freshly rewound. Ta Da!

I clicked on this just to read the comments, needed a good laugh!

Finally, a product I can’t use. I already have too many gadgets and gizmos that occupy my time. Thank you Magnelectrostatic. What a relief.

No, but really, I applaud your creativity.

Cool project but doesn't do anything just spins.

Finally, I can re-watch that copy of Titanic I bought YEARS ago. Thank you, sir.

wtf is it a joke or are you serous

I am completely serious. I know it may not look good, but it does work just as well as any name brand rewinder.

smart@$$ DVD re-winders are not real or are they what theirs a giltct in the matrix mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cold just open up the DVD player add wires to the motor then hook it up on to a battrie and switch right

You don't notice it as much as with tapes, but if you rewind your DVDs you find they start much faster.

It's not a well known problem, it's because the laser read head inevitably changes the polarization of the media when you play it, and the next time you play it the drive has to undo that before it can read it. Some expensive DVDs have dual heads and don't have this delay, but not the cheap drives most people have.

your all crazy