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This is a simple way to use your earbuds from your ipod etc as a backup means playing music for a small group of people. I got the idea when I saw someone cupping ipod headphones in their hand to get a slight boost in volume. This is a simple "what if" project, if you have any suggestions on changes to the design to help increase the volume let me know, that's one the reasons I'm putting this up :-P

Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of Stuff you need
2 identical cardboard squares (mine were 5"x5")
duct tape
earbud headphones
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GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
what bout ones with rubber things on them?
fluid8 years ago
since it involves electronics and 'duck' tape..............I'd call it a: "MacGyver'd Headphone Loudspeaker"
qualia fluid7 years ago
pleace call it its proper name -=duct tape=- for water ducts etc.. sorry t even if other peeps are calling it duck tape *nervous twitch* dont call it that urself. ISNT ANYONE ELSE HERE A PLUMBER??? oh. right.. sorry
duck tape is still proper kuzz duck is the brand name of a leading ducT tape supplier. =)
Thats like calling all MP3 players iPods. It is duct tape.
Exactly, like how americans like to call all vacuum cleaners 'Hoovers', because it is one brand that is popular in america.
i have never heard anyone refer to their vacuum cleaner as a hoover (unless they were commenting on the actual brand of their vacuum cleaner) in my 39 years of life. In the USA.
fluid pcgate4 years ago
I use the term "Hoover" for a vacuum all the time.

I also use it for a person who does a lot of coke (of the cocaine variety)
where did you hear that? We here in Texas call em Vacuum cleaners not hoovers. never heard of it called that either.
mind you we do sometimes use brand names to apply to the general such as band-aid, Klee-nex, and coke.
 My bad. I guess it's one of those pieces of conventional wisdom that's just wrong. (Although, I'm sure I've heard it on the Simpsons lol...)
lmao never heard anyone refer to a vacuum as a hoover...always called it the vacuum haha
FWIW, I never heard "hoover" as a generic term for a vacuum until I moved to England. Everyone here says it. We always called it a vacuum at home. Yes, of course, I am American.
A lot of people do do that in their instructables.
What, nobody around here calls it "Hippy Chrome"?? LOL 

Alright, nobody else is sayin' it, so I guess I will;

D'ya know why duck - er..., duct - uh..., HIPPY CHROME is like the Force? 'Cause it has a light side, and a dark side, and it binds the universe together hehe :P

Yeah, yeah, I know, LAME!! ahahahaha 

yah i guess... *sigh of resignation*
I feel your pain.
lol =D
qualia qualia4 years ago
fyi, i perceived fluid's comment with the "quotation" marks as a "correction" rather than an expression of a personal view, this was 4-5 years ago. i dont take life that seriously anymore.
It's already been said, though misspelled:
"Duck Tape" is a company that produces duct tape. like Kleenex makes facial tissues, Allen makes hex drivers/wrenches, or Coke makes cola. Some people use a brand name to identify a product regardless of the brand that actually manufactured the item.
i'm really not that concerned tbh, but you made that point admirably. we who visit this particular (very particular) instructable now have a better grasp of the nomenclature we use to refer to our "bare necessities" instuctables kit, namely: coke, kleenex, allen keys, and hippy chrome. what we can do with these versatile tools is quantified by the quality of our imaginations.
you can't use it for water, the 'duct' it refers to are air ducts, like for ventilation/heating/cooling.
shh i was using water as a context for the spelling of the word, not for duct-tape's appropriate usage
Originally, it was nicknamed "Duck tape" by GI's who used it to waterproof supplies and such. It was later called "Duct tape" because its post-war use was in ventilation.
its duct tape because it was ariganaly developed for fixing heating ducts
No they didn't. It doesn't work on ducts. They created in in WWII as a water proof tape.
It was not originally called 'Duck' tape. It was originally, always was, and still is, 'Duct' tape. People occasionally mishear and mispronounce (like people who stand on stage saying 'Turn up the fall back'), and yes, it's waterproof nature perpetuated this a little.
Duck Tape is a brand of Duct Tape.
Richie15 qualia6 years ago
Duck Tape is a particular brand of duct tape.

Incidentally, duck tape may have been the original name. See link:
baneat qualia7 years ago
I think people cal it that because where I live the main brand misleadingly has a picture of a duck as its mascot.
8bit baneat6 years ago
The brand name actually is Duck Tape.
Neodudeman8 years ago
Wow. That IS ghetto.

domokunrox5 years ago
i tried making this, and it didnt work. Any idea why??
Adum245 years ago
Does it make it really loud or just for a couple of feet?
mercenario8 years ago
Great instructable ! I decide to leave mine it a litle bit open
bufer para el mp3 de instructablesPuntoCom.JPG
one word comes to mind when i see that: STEAMPUNK
wakojako6 years ago
the type of tape it is is duct tape but duck is a company that makes duct tape
Crim8 years ago
the resonating soundwaves could defect your earbuds if you crank up the volume too high and/or listen to music for a long period of time.
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