Ghetto Heat-Thingy


Introduction: Ghetto Heat-Thingy

Here's how to put together a crappy but effective means to melt plastic at certain places, fix hot glue, and such like that. I use it to draw on reciepts. You can also burn holes in water bottles. Assembly should take around 3 seconds.
P.S. I'm sorry for some crappy photo quality, my camera refuses to focus on the foreground. In addition, i have to hold the camera with my knees to take the picture, because the steps need two hands. Oh yeah, my knees are shaking too.

Step 1: Materials

What you need:
-1 Lighter
-1 handle from the binder clips

Step 2: Step One

Hold the lighter in your dominant hand. Hold the clip handle in your other dominant hand. Just kidding. Unless you're ambidextrous. Then, move one end of the clip through the opening at the top of the lighter. On most lighters, there are slits at the base of the metal thing. Refer to the photos. Next, using the end of the clip that you put into the opening, push it into the lower slit, which is slightly larger. The other end should be pushed to the side.

Step 3: Step Two

Push the end of the clip that's outside the lighter up onto the plate. You're pretty much done, but make sure it's wedged in there good and tight. Don't say TWSS. To use, light the lighter and make the clip hot. When your pyrotechnician side is satisfied, turn the fire off and touch the clip to your little sibling. just kidding. unless you want to. no, don't. That's it. bye. no, read the next step.

Step 4: I Claim No Responsibility for Injuries.

I claim no responsibility for injuries while using this product. If you get yourself or someone else injured using this, it is YOUR fault. not mine. my stupidity doesn't equal yours.



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    lol love the name

    What do you mean by draw on receipts? As in altering the names of items or prices? Any tips on this?

    2 replies

    draw as in doodle. the head coming off isn't detailed enough for altering stuff.

    oh wow just now, about 4 months after posting this, i just realized that "head" should say "heat".

    Not a bad idea. You probably want to look for the Macro setting on your camera to take better close up pictures.

    1 reply

    Okay, thanks! i'm not good with cameras and stuff. i'll do that next time.

    I hate to say it, i'm surprised I didn't think of that. Thanks!

    1 reply