Ghetto Home Made Wine





Introduction: Ghetto Home Made Wine

If you happen to have grape vines in your backyard then you can make Ghetto Home Made Wine just like we did!

This was done in the East Side of Providence where many backyards are filled with grape vines. People definitely make their own wine there, and some houses even have presses in the basement! We were lucky enough to have the grapes, but not the press, so we had to use our feet.

Making wine takes some time, and doesn't even taste all that good, but when the revolution comes, it's going to be a great skill to have.



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    hey i have a Q for u guys, how long does it take to ferment in its natural state?

    I enjoyed this instructable. I had fun seeing those guys have fun

    good simple instruction to wine making. I'm supprised you chose to utalize the natural yeast because if my memory is correct wild yeast can sometimes contain spores that are not paticulary good for you health(I may be mistaken) I have a big container of yeast that i have used for several wine making seasons and I only paid about 7.50 american btw i really like how ur using the slideshows now

    Hi I joind today! Interesting what you said about having youre own wine yeast for a few terms? I'm in Thailand and they dont sell stuff like that as it would spoil there profit margin, When i get hold of some from a neighbouring country i was wondering what i could do to keep hold of it indefinatly? I have a feeling over to you maestro!

    Well, if you are worried about spores, then you shouldn't eat fruit at all. Using out-of-the-bag yeasts will not remove spores. See how wine is made around the world.

    Ever tried making rice wine / banana wine it's delicious sweet and strong and doesn't take 3 years. You can even drink banana wine when the 1ste fermentation step is over and it's still cloudy *Hick* yummie stuff wine

    how do u make rice wine?

    Short time wine recipe In a glass gallon jug/jar Start with 96oz of welch's or whatever 100% juice grape juice add 4 cups of sugar and shake til all sugar is disolved in mix. let rest overnight then add 1 pat of red star yeast, Cover opening with a balloon with rubber band over this to let it "work" or you can use an air lock. sit in warm dry place for 28 days, checking balloon every couple days to see if it is still on, if not replace it with another balloon. after 28 days it is ready to consume. tasty!!!! good luck