Introduction: Ghetto Style Guitar Wall Hanger

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The absolutely cheapest way to hang your guitars.

Step 1: Buy the Cheapest Brackets You Can Find.

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I bought these at Ace Hardware for 50 cents each.

Step 2: Wrap Them With Anything You Like

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Wrap the brackets so they don't scratch up your guitar. Use whatever is available. I used blue painters tape. You can use something more attractive like leather, plastic, rubber, etc...


hgkjggjgjhg (author)2012-02-28

thats neat

AlexTheDude (author)2008-05-20

Duuude Thanx. It will help my band allot.

dr15 (author)2007-04-20

A great instructable, I used it to hang my own guitar:

Thank you! :-)

zjgz (author)2006-07-10

i put screws in my wall to hang my guitar and that works just fine

Chaz-imus (author)2006-05-30

ghetto indeed!

Mistertut (author)2006-05-24

I can go you one better. Long nails - driven either directly into studs or a scrap of 2x4 which is screwed to the wall. cover exposed nail shaft and head with neoprene tubing from a medical supply store.

Prometheus (author)2006-05-22

even some rubber hose slipped over the ends, and that will tend to last longer than tape.

ksosh (author)2006-05-21

The can of liquid rubber coating that you can dip things into would work really well on this.

iman (author)2006-05-20

Rock On

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