Picture of Ghetto Swamp Cooler\ Laundry Dryer
A cheap and effective way to cool any room, and dry your wet clothes.

*Flat Surface
*Something Open to Stretch Cloth Over
*Wet Cloth

Step 1: The Clothes

Picture of The Clothes
First, you need to wash your clothes (shirt, sheet, pants, etc...). You can either run it through a washing machine, or just run it under the sink.
Swix4 years ago
Shame only that it rises the humidity in the room .. :(
onemoroni14 years ago
Absolute genius! No really I mean it. Less is best and this is as simple as it gets.
altgrave4 years ago
that. is. genius.
lizziet1174 years ago
I'll tell our uniform manager about this one...
Reid2505 years ago
"With a dry shirt after words."  I was wondering what words you use?

Sorry, the dog made me do it.
reedz6 years ago
Ah, band room ingenuity. This is my senior year and we have all sorts of special set ups. Like during competitions we have someone with a hollow deck of cards for Tylenol and Aspirin. Some older cases have been hollowed enough to hold extra clothes and such.
friney23 (author)  reedz6 years ago
Nice. What instrument do you play?
reedz friney236 years ago
Lol bad question. Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium, Mellophone/F-Trumpet, Trumpet. And I am picking up Double Horn here in a week or so.
mikedoth6 years ago
How much cooler does this make a small room?
friney23 (author)  mikedoth6 years ago
Well, the room that I put that in was approximately 630 cubic feet. The AC in the building was not running at the time, but when I turned the fan on, the room felt about 5 degrees cooler in a few minutes with the door slightly ajar. It felt about 10 degrees cooler with the door closed. I did not take any measurements with a thermometer so I don't know what the exact temperature change was.