Step 12: Put it all together.

Picture of Put it all together.
Now loosen the outer hoop as much as it will go. Hold the 3 bent wires on the inside of the outer hoop and insert the inner hoop. This will be quite tricky and unless you have 3 hands, you might need a friend to help. Or hold them all in one hand while you fiddle with the inner circle. Once you have the inner circle in place, tighten the outer circle a little bit. Then arrange the wires so you have them at 10, 2, and 6 o'clock. Tighten the outer hoop as tight as it will go. Then insert your mic into the circle. CAREFULLY adjust the screen so you have about 1-2" between the mic and the screen itself. Then you're done!
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mtx1000d5 years ago
that was very simple, great idea and i'm going to use it. There's some other video with a guy who made his out of wood and rubber and all this other crap and the whole time I'm thinking... couldn't you just use a damn coat hanger?