Introduction: Ghetto Speakers (cup Earbud Amps)

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Ever want a speaker but don't hav moneh?

Step 1: Get These Materials

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Paper Cups, or if you have, plastic cups like those used in beer pong
Skizzers (knife if plastic cup)
Any kind of earbud (If you are planning to make permanent speakers, not earbud amps, get crap old-style Apple, Signalex, etc.)
Hot glue, if you want to make permanent speakers

Step 2: Make Hole

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This is a really bad hole, you shouldn't do this, but what I recommend is cutting an X in to push the bud through. I just did this when I had no time so I was pretty darn rushed.

Step 3: Insertz Teh Earbud

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Push it through le hole. Easy as heck

Step 4: Repeat

do if for other cup and earbud.

Step 5: LE FINISH!~

Picture of LE FINISH!~

Just plug earbuds into electronic device of choice and CRANK UP AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE FOR YOU
I recommend the electronic device pictured.


tpatterson4 (author)2013-07-02

How loud does it make it?

not much. i made this a year ago when i was 24 and a bored college student without anything to do.. now i'm 25, in university, and busy as heck.

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