Using this instructable as a guide, I made a ghillie suit out of a Jute landscaping net. I spray-painted the Jute and sewed it on.

It just had it's trial by fire today and it worked pretty good. I got several stealth kills where the enemy did not notice me. Some even walked right by me!

Apparently the camera does not like the colors I used. In reality the colors are darker and more natural looking. The white/tan is actually dark brown/black. The blue green is actually dark green. There are five different mixes of each color, this does not show in the pictures.

Edit: Just so I don't have to explain this again. This ghillie suit is not absolutely perfect! It was made by me, an amateur, in less than twenty-four hours. I had to Improvise in some areas, (ie. I had no cargo netting handy). I know, it's hard to believe. Improvising on a ghillie suit, what a terrible crime. It still needs some touchups here and there, but it serves it's purpose just fine. I, for one, am quite proud of my handiwork.

Yes, it may look bad in the pictures, but you should see this in real life.

So, now that you know, please no more "This sucks!" comments. I get your point. Really.

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AJD421 year ago
th3_v1k1ng3 years ago
its very very good for 24 hours..

Heres mine... took me a while.. but then I was following precise instructions from an ex sbs sniper.. lol

Lucky45ive6 years ago
ur not even in the USAF so dont even wear a camoflauge jacket that says that on.
ever been to an army surplus store?
curious who are you to tell someone what they cant wear?
thing 24 years ago
What gun is that in the 9th picture?
kve23 thing 24 years ago
looks like a m4 with a grenade launcher. thats just what it looks like
kve23 kve234 years ago
no m16
rhendric kve234 years ago
the main visible difference between the M4A1 and the M16 is the barrel length, the M4A1 barrel is much shorter than the M16. The M4A1 is a redesigned, revamped M16, much more suited to modern urban combat instead of the jungle combat environment in which it was originally used.
kve23 rhendric4 years ago
i know but you cant see the end of the barrel. i was just going by the stock.
rhendric4 years ago
good job for a quick first try. Next time, try using thinner strings (garnish), jute, for example. "The garnish or netting should cover the shoulders and reach down
to the elbows on the sleeves. The garnish applied to the back of the suit
should be long enough to cover the sides of the sniper when he is in the
prone position. A bush [Boonie] hat is also covered with garnish or netting.
The garnish should belong enough to breakup the outline of the sniper’s
neck, but it should not be so long in front to obscure his vision or
hinder movement." U.S. Army Field Manual 23-10
Go to the local craft store and go to the flower section look for fake leaves that are on a long plastic rope. Use some of that.
DO NOT use artificial items such as nylon rope or fake leaves in a ghillie suit. The nylon and plastic actually reflects light, causing your suit to appear to "shine" in sunlight. this is not what a ghillie suit is supposed to do. Although it may be harder and dirtier, use leaves and grasses found in the area you will be operating in to augment your suit.
sewing the ghille was a great idea good job
sorry, but you look like whoppi goldburg
batman964 years ago
I am making one of these, using jute twine, and have found that if you take the green pull the fibers apart and it makes them look like leaves.
hobbitboy4 years ago
Dude this sucks i could see you from a mile away.sucks
squirrelMLM4 years ago
In all honesty, I think that the strings are a bit too thick. They look like spaghetti pasta. Try to go for the consistency of....Angel hair pasta. But otherwise great job!
sammyhond14 years ago
grill ur arms and laggs too ... now it doesnt cover u just a tip
I think it looks cool good job dude, also you and me have the exact same haircut strange...
it looks worse then the bad company 2 ghillie suit. sorry but that just really sucks..try to add vegetation and better jute
It's not that it look bad. It just.... It just looks like an old used mop strapped to him.
hawkfrost645 years ago
Are there any girls that are interested in nerf/airsoft/paintball? i like nerf, and I'm just curious
RANDOMUS3R5 years ago
The pic of him holding the Instructables paper looks like he's a gangster with dreadlocks, Lol.
yodamaster5 years ago
when you were laying down and sniping.you were doing a great job
tomcat9555 years ago
 if you lucky you can find the jackets at goodwill i got one there iv been thinking of building on using a over sized hoody taking a couple sheets of burlap and cutting really thin strips but to have them a inch uncut so they will all be connected it will save alot of time on sewing 

I agree. Its a good first time suit but you can work on it.
1. Use a smaller ply. it looks like you took an old mop and slapped it on the back of a bdu.
2. Your green is too dark. if you wanted to make a new one i would start with a base color, in your case light green. then i would add a little bit of tan and black to help blend in with dirt/shadows.
3.Vary the lengths of the string. yours just looks like you grew your hair down to your legs and dyed it.

4. Add some natural foliage, it helps it look more natural, but be careful, dont make it look like a big pile of leaves

 in all seriousness, why couldnt you slap a coupla painted mop-heads on a BDU?
you might have to fray them out, but it might work...
use threaded burlap
abadfart5 years ago
nice for a first try but i think you might like this  
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  abadfart5 years ago
 I actually used that iBle as inspiration, it's already linked in the intro.
sorry i didn't see that part but i would suggest you make the strings closer together so that there is less of your back to show
a918bmxr5 years ago
if you colored your strands differently it could look like predator with a bad hair day XD
nice job
1. your bdu is 2 different color tones....pant color is my prefered color. 2. a little less yarn and more burlap. 3. too much body is revealed. 4. your finger is on the trigger....hello! its called gun safty
1. The real military snipers use mostly burlap in the construction, but he has the color almost right for his surroundings 2. Just because he has his finger on the trigger doesnt mean that the gun isnt on safety 3. If you live in California or Florida or someplace warm this would be completely impracticaly (but only because of the heat)
who says it's even loaded?
you should always treat a gun as if its locked and loaded; that means don't ever aim a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot, loaded or not
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  ILIKEPIE3335 years ago
 Yes, I know proper gun safety. I've been to the range many times. However, I'm posing for a photo with an Airsoft gun. 
I am not doubting your experience or knowledge of gun etiquette, but any gun, airsoft or real, is still a gun
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