"Ghillied up" How to make a ghillie paintball gun

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A cheap and simple (and time-consuming) Ghillie Suit for your Paint-ball marker.

*disclaimer I am not held responsible for any string related injury inflicted on you or others*
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Step 1: Teh Stuff

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You need

#1 Paintball marker

#2 Cotton string

#3 Electrical tape

#4 Scissors

#5 Barrel cleaner

#6 Spray paint

*not pictured* *optional* #7 Masking/Painters tape

Step 2: Cleaning the barrel

Picture of Cleaning the barrel
inst 003.jpg
inst 004.jpg
First, unscrew the barrel (lefty loosey, righty tighty)
Next, run hot water through the barrel
Third, wipe it down wit a paper towel
Fourth, use the barrel cleaner to well... clean the barrel
Finally, press the next step button at the bottom of the screen

Step 3: Taping up the barrel

Picture of Taping up the barrel
inst 006.jpg
inst 007.jpg
Take the electrical tape and start wrapping the barrel starting at the tip. When completed, put it back on the marker and see if it fits. If not, then trim it, it must fit perfectly.

Step 4: *OPTIONAL* Taping the marker

Picture of *OPTIONAL* Taping the marker
This step is completely optional, do it for extra safety. Take your packing tape, and wrap up the important/open areas of the marker. Parts like the barrel, cocking mechanism, paintball feeding tube, trigger, CO2 tube, and CO2 nozzle.

Step 5: Paintin dat sucker

Picture of Paintin dat sucker
inst 010.jpg
inst 011.jpg
inst 012.jpg
inst 013.jpg
inst 014.jpg
Remove the barrel and get your black, gray, and green spray paint. Paint it black if its colored, if its black than there is no reason. Next, paint it spotted or striped. Let it dry, screw on the barrel, and marvel in its beautiful presence.

Step 6: Stringin it

Picture of Stringin it
inst 016.jpg
inst 017.jpg
Cut approx. 20 pieces of string 20" long. Tie in a simple knot and unravel. In an hour you get the last picture.

Step 7: Painting

Picture of Painting
inst 019.jpg
inst 020.jpg
Remove the barrel and put it on the barrel cleaner. Spray the whole thing green, the tips black, and frost the center gray. Let it dry and re-attach. 'tear-drop' "its beautiful"


Picture of TIME FOR BATTLE!!!
inst 020.jpg
Put on you Ghillie Mask, equip your Ghillie Gun, and start tagging.