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Introduction: Ghost 2.0

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Yes, It's been a while since the ghost has been made. But, some major changes have been made by builder968 and I, and the gun is better now. Differences: Stock, hand guard, an optional safety, And (these next things are what Builder968 made) Fake barrel, foregrip, and tactical rails. Still gets good range. (i got 86 feet angled with three #64s)
Pros and cons!

Good looking
Bottom and top rails
it has a stock now
Two optional sights
comfy foregrip
Accurate and powerful!
It's still one of my best guns! 

Stock is a little flimsy

HEY, question, Do any of you guys think this is my best gun yet? Because, if not, I want to know which gun is my best. Thanks : )

Step 1: Stock

This is the stock. Pretty comfy! Let's get started!
Just to tell you, I'm doing this instructable differently. Instead of all the numbers for the pictures, There is going to be a yellow box in the top left corner of every pic, that tells you what to do.)

Follow image notes.

Step 2: Handle/ Handguard

handle/ hand guard

Follow image notes.

Step 3: Break

Let's go for a ride in the ferrari california!!!

Step 4: Body

This is by far the hardest step yet! Let's get building!!! (yay :P)

Follow image notes.

Step 5: Foregrip

Just look at the pics.


Let's put it to together! But, after this, you're still not done.

Step 7: Magazine

The part that holds bullets.. Let's build it!

Step 8: The Sights

You can make your own, but there's a scope here, and a red dot. Instructions for the scope are HERE.

Step 9: All the Rest

This is the pin, elastics, and some other stuff.



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    I think they're all good!

    best gun = Ghost 3.0 ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12 replies

    gost 3.0 looks stupid 2.0=the best

    yeah it "looks" good, but is it good? Ghost 2.0 has No Pin guide, no Mag Storage, and has a flimsy stock... the only 2 things that is better than the ghost 3.0 is that this one has bottom and top rails and a better design

    T_T you can put a pin guide on this and the stock isnt that flimsy but i haven't built this so im not shure

    yeah i guess you can put one on.
    and i guess you are right. i like this design the best

    yeah pretty much the mag is the con but this is good

    i looked at the other one and i couldn't find the mag storage so idk

    if you looked at the Slide Show then that was the wrong one... in the instructable, he added the Mag Storage

    this one looks good the 3.0 looks stupid


    lets go 2 my hometown santa maria caili oh ya

    i like this ghost for its Rails and grip... but the Ghost 3 has Mag Storage, and firing pin guide

    is their any thing to sub the 4 side connectors

    1 reply

    Do the wheels make any difference?

    1 reply

    yes, but they are not necessary.