Ghost 3.0





Introduction: Ghost 3.0

Check out my SSCB-11!

Hopefully the final ghost! Haha, well, there are some major and minor differences between this and the ghost 2.0. This gun has a better stock, a pin guide, a more comfortable place to put your hand, and a place to put another magazine in the stock! I'm not going to list the minors, but I have to say, this gun is great. It gets better range because of the pin guide, so it can be a good fun gun, and a war gun because of its reliability, and extra magazine storage. So, yeah. This is a good gun, and I recommend anyone to build this. (unless it's your first gun, don't build this!)

fun to use
removable mags
pin guide
mag storage
(What more could you ask for in a gun?)


Well, get building! 

Step 1: Stock

This is the stock!

Step 2: Front Body

Look at the pics! Probably the hardest step... 

Step 3: Break!

Have some festive christmas cookies! 

Step 4: Top Body

This is the rest of the body and assembly. 

Step 5: Magazine

The part that feeds the bullets into the gun. 
Note: (important) You must put the side with the blue rod on the magazine towards the front of the gun when inserting it into the gun.

Step 6: Loading the Magazine

Loading isn't hard at all. Just follow the pictures! This step shows how to use the magazine storage also. (sorry that some are blurry)

Step 7: Firing Pin, Bands, and Firing

All of the rest.



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Neat! however I'd change the stock.

Piece list:


Green – 288
White –94
Blue –34
Yellow – 1
Red – 0
Grey –0
Black (long) –1


Dark grey – 14
Light grey – 10
Red – 33
Green – 15
Yellow – 135
3d blue – 11
3d purple – 4
White – 33
Orange – 17


Ball clip – 1
Ball socket – 0
Black clip – 41
Blue clip – 7
Tan clip – 12
Blue spacer – 2
Silver spacer – 2
Blue hinge part – 0
Black hinge part – 2

Modded pieces:

Orange connector with 1 tab –0
Orange connector with 0 tabs –0
Cut grey connector –0
Weakened tan clip –0
Cut green rod –0
White rod with no ends –0
Black clip with 1 tab missing –1

(just so you know, this is not exact. i may have miscounted)

Everyone who makes a piece count doesn't make it exact.

You forgot the 2 cut white rods for the magazine.

what do you meen with LIGHT GREY and DARK GRAY?

light grey is the two pronged connector and dark grey is like a bigger blue clip (its difficult to explain.

you made me worried when i looked at the modded pieces and saw all of those modded pieces!!!! then i saw 0 on all of them except the black clip. BTW, do you mean the Y connector?

You do not need to break the y connector.