Yep, Another ghost. This on is just a little different from the ghost 2.0. It has a stock, a bigger barrel, the same awesome magazine, and this time, a PIN GUIDE! This is something the ghost needed for a while, and this just increases the range by so much more. I have also put a built-in red dot sight, shortened the barrel from the 2.0, and make the stock a lot stronger. So yeah, If you guys really want me to post, I might, or I will just post the stock or pin guide. 
yay my rating made it go to 5*
thsi looks alot like an mgl if you removed the stock 5/5 but thinks about turning it into an mgl it'd be the only 1 on the site
Dude, POST THE THING!<br>IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!<br>5*s btw :)
Thank you very much :D
Will you post it?<br>PS. I made the regular ghost and modified it with a stock and a longer barrel.<br>The only problem is, that the top of the barrel needs to be empty to make the bullet be able to fly through...
I just built the ghost and I added a roof to the barrel and it worked fine!
Sounds good, when I build one of the Ghost's series again, I will try that. :)
I may post it. And I assure you, This gun has none of the problems as the normal ghost.
Sounds good!<br>I'd really appreciate it if you'd post da gun.<br>I will rate it 5*s then, just like this one!:D
Yes, I will post it with my other gun tomorrow hopefully. If this one doesn't get up, my other one for sure will. I modded it a bit more and I'm posting it!
I built it and it's like...How do I say...FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!5*s btw. :D
You're welcome, my friend. : )
love the gun i made some small changes, one is a yellow connector to help you pull back the pin when you attach a larga amount of strings, behind it is a grey connector, so that the gun wont destroy any pieces i also added a band of keycords tied together and it works really well hope all of you guys here who want to build his great gun will try my small changes/mods and i hope Seleziona likes them ;)
Looks great man!
ive made the stock longer, put the rear end down a bit and put something on to put your head on in case you dont like how you put your head on the stock version (lol)<br>i also made it possible to add a sniperscope on it without removing the origional scope<br><br>want to see it?
and broke it down to build oblivitus Z35<br>its like your gun, but its more reliable, more powerful and has more options<br><br>still yours was the first gun i build with a working replacable mag<br>im looking forward to see your next gun and i hope it will be more impressive than the Z35 (it has a breach!!!)
and i posted it on the old V3 -.-''
Guess who's back. (nahnahnah).
i say just post all the changes you made if the gun is not too horribly different. post the pin guide, stock, and dot sight.
I am posting it in less than twenty minutes. I have made one major change since this slideshow.
What about the dot sight?<br><br>I didn't see that in the 'able
Cool, does it still break Y connectors is my question.
Yes, It's does that, and you don't have to switch them out.
Oh, and what do you mean by &quot;them&quot;?
When are you going to post it?
Just did!
If all that's changed is cosmetics, don't bother posting it. But I do see you added a pin guide, you can post that.
I posted it, It has a mag storage in the stock, a new pin guide, and a few more minor changes.
Awesome!!<br><br>This isn't that christmas one is it?<br><br>5* !!!
This is NOT the christmas one.
kk<br><br>Gasp* It comes out tomorrow
well, for me it's two days. It's the 20th here.
hurry up lol its the 21st in england
I did that comment wrong, the day was the 20th when I posted that comment.<br><br>Right know for me it's the 21st
Come on, please post it!!!!!! And soon!!!!!
:) next gun you make you shouldn't make all the blue clips and tans on the side... really annoying :(<br><br>And keep the pin guides coming :D
I know that that sucks, But it's the only way to keep it structurally strong. I tried to cut down on them. <br>And I will :D
:P Build guns that are a little different, fill blue rods instead dont fill blue rods on the rod.. Don't know how to explain but clip them on instead :)
You can't clip them on in certain parts on this gun. I really don't like those things either, but they're there, and I'm not going to change the gun to make it look bad just so I can get rid of blue rods that go into a hole, rather than clip on.
:P I see :)
Haha, yeah. I modded it a bit and I'm deciding to post it!
You should, even though I may not build it, still need to build your SCB-10 :P
I am!

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