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Introduction: Ghost 3.0

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Yep, Another ghost. This on is just a little different from the ghost 2.0. It has a stock, a bigger barrel, the same awesome magazine, and this time, a PIN GUIDE! This is something the ghost needed for a while, and this just increases the range by so much more. I have also put a built-in red dot sight, shortened the barrel from the 2.0, and make the stock a lot stronger. So yeah, If you guys really want me to post, I might, or I will just post the stock or pin guide. 



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    thsi looks alot like an mgl if you removed the stock 5/5 but thinks about turning it into an mgl it'd be the only 1 on the site

    Thank you very much :D

    Will you post it?
    PS. I made the regular ghost and modified it with a stock and a longer barrel.
    The only problem is, that the top of the barrel needs to be empty to make the bullet be able to fly through...

    I just built the ghost and I added a roof to the barrel and it worked fine!

    Sounds good, when I build one of the Ghost's series again, I will try that. :)

    I may post it. And I assure you, This gun has none of the problems as the normal ghost.

    Sounds good!
    I'd really appreciate it if you'd post da gun.
    I will rate it 5*s then, just like this one!:D

    Yes, I will post it with my other gun tomorrow hopefully. If this one doesn't get up, my other one for sure will. I modded it a bit more and I'm posting it!

    I built it and it's like...How do I say...FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!5*s btw. :D

    love the gun i made some small changes, one is a yellow connector to help you pull back the pin when you attach a larga amount of strings, behind it is a grey connector, so that the gun wont destroy any pieces i also added a band of keycords tied together and it works really well hope all of you guys here who want to build his great gun will try my small changes/mods and i hope Seleziona likes them ;)

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    ive made the stock longer, put the rear end down a bit and put something on to put your head on in case you dont like how you put your head on the stock version (lol)
    i also made it possible to add a sniperscope on it without removing the origional scope

    want to see it?

    and broke it down to build oblivitus Z35
    its like your gun, but its more reliable, more powerful and has more options

    still yours was the first gun i build with a working replacable mag
    im looking forward to see your next gun and i hope it will be more impressive than the Z35 (it has a breach!!!)

    and i posted it on the old V3 -.-''

    Guess who's back. (nahnahnah).