Ghost Hologram Projection in Window





Introduction: Ghost Hologram Projection in Window


hello guys. scare your neighbours and kids this Halloween with this digital decoration. it is very easy to do and looks absolutely awesome.

for this you will need just a few things

Projector (got mine on GEARBEST.COM )
transparent curtains
also handy to have clamps

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

To see this ghost projection in action and to see step by step video tutorial, watch video I made for this instructable.


Step 2:

First you need these things shown in the picture. Projector (got mine here), window ;) and transparent curtains. and a PC or a laptop.

also if you don't have a projector, GEARBEST.COM is offering lots of quality projectors for very affordable price. they also sell lots of amazing tech and just awesome stuff in general. so go check them out. :)

Step 3:

attach curtains to the curtain rail. I used some clamps to cover window with curtain but you could just use curtain rings. the reason I used clamps is so I can stretch curtain so it's straight.

Step 4:

Find a ghost video fx on youtube. like the ones I used.

ghost projections fx

or you can buy atmosfear fx dvd with lots of cool effects which costs like 30 dollars. then point projector onto a window and play the video. you should be able to see amazing ghost hologram. and it looks even cooler from outside. I actually got few kids scared while I was testing it. and it's not even halloween yet. :D

if you liked this project. make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more cool projects like this one.



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    5 Discussions

    Haha this was definetly a clever idea, i can't wait for halloween I'm going to put 3 of these up and make the ghosts move hahaha

    Would it be possible to use a transparent shower curtain? They cost like $3.00 and are available everywhere (where shower curtains are sold). I'm just wondering if it would work if the film is completely transparent vs the somewhat white tinted one in your example.

    2 replies

    Fully transparent doesn't work for projection I'm afraid.

    I'm not sure. It has to be transparent fabric and preferably grayish color.

    We've been using my old (partially working) projector for the last few years with either a white sheet or white paper over the window. A transparent sheet is a great idea - that would probably work for our garage window, but not our house window where we don't want people to see in when there are lights on :)

    The atmosfear fx dvd is great because we put it on autoplay and it goes all night.

    I just bought a new cheap projector this year and the cool thing is it can play from an SD card or USB, so I'm hoping to put some video on an SD card and no longer need the DVD player. It's not as bright as my home theater projector, but it's amazingly good for the cheap price point.