I had drawn number of sketches of cats in various poses with pen and paper, that I wanted to incorporate into a Halloween drawing using Sketchbook Pro.  When I was working on my drawing I realized that it would work much better as an animation.  To that end, I composed the scene on one canvas but drew each component on a different layer so that I can hide and show the individual layers to create each frame.  I then opened the frames in GIMP and created an animated GIF. Here are step-by-step instructions of the process.

Step 1: Drawing Cats

I had borrowed a "learning to draw" book from the library not too long ago and it was obvious that the author really liked cats. In one section of the book, I think he was discussing form,  he had numerous little sketches of cat outlines.  The cats were sitting, standing lying down in many different poses. I had a lot of fun drawing these simple cats sketches, and having my own cat model at home I had plenty of opportunity to practice.   The great thing about drawing cats is that they have a very characteristic shape so that it doesn't take much detail to identify it as a cat. Just draw some ovals, circles, and little triangles and there you have a cat.  In the images above you can see some basic starting points in green, then filled in more to give an outline (which is what I will be using for my animation).  From here you can draw further details like the facial features and fur.  These sketches are of course simple cartoon like drawings, if you want a realistic drawing that requires a bit more time and detail.
<p>Beautiful, it really seems chalk on cardboard!</p>
You're getting to be quite the digital artist! Looking forward to the next installation.
Interesting, ChrysN! Now I know what you did with your Sunday...lots of time, eh? Good job.
I am just learning how to use the program, so it was fun playing around trying it out. It didn't take too long -it probably took more time writing up the instructable.
I agree it looks like a good deal of effort. <br> <br>And how expen$ive is Sketchbook pro ?
I think it is about $60. I am just using the free trial right now (<em>I am trying to win a copy</em>).
From my viewpoint your a strong contender.

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