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Introduction: Ghost Rider 3D Art

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Ghost Rider 3d art. Metal, leather, plaster and acrylic on wood. The skull was made from a latex mold. Then I cut an old biker jacket and painted and carved and added spikes and chains.



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    You will love my Ghost Rider costume. have vid of it, real fire real bike (electric though)


    4 years ago

    please can you put up a tutorial on how you made it its awesome a*

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    Well, I don't have step by step pics, but I can tell you the basics. I bought a latex mould on ebay for the skull. Made it out of poured plaster. The rest is a wood backing, heavy gauge chain from the hardware store, a leather biker jacket, spikes from, acrylic paints and a dremmel tool for carving and shaping the flames and parts of the skull. any questions are welcome.