In this tutorial, I will show you how to put a "ghost" in any photo of your choosing. This is a great trick to know, especially with Halloween coming up! Fool your friends into thinking you managed to capture the image of a ghost in one of your photographs!

Step 1: Choosing Your Photographs

Before you can put a ghost in one of your photos, you need to decide two things.

First, you need to decide what photo you want to put your ghost in-I suggest using one with enough empty background space to fit the ghost to avoid countless hours of editing. I used this old family portrait I found on the internet:


 Next, you need to decide which image you want to make into a "ghost". I choose an image of a women in a white gown, because of her already present ghost like qualities. However, you can use any image you want-you can even make your dog a ghost if you wish! Here is the image I used:


Once you decide on your photos, you are ready to begin! 

cool but if you look at the two men in the center at the top and stare you can almost see the layering making it look fake but otherwise i really like this and will try it out will prob. post pics. <br>
The top two men in the center aren't layered-the family portrait is in its original state except for the added ghost. <br><br>and Thank you! Post your pictures when you make them!
i know they aren't the add in but if you stare at them the ghost looks like it is added in not originally there so it can be obvious that it is cut in
i don't think you should be doing this, taking away from the real pics. all you have to do is come on over to my house and you can get atleast 30 legit pics
Wow, that saried me for a bit!
That is really impressive! I never would have guessed that the &quot;ghost&quot; was a woman in a wedding dress.
Thanks you! By the end of today this tutorial should be entered in the &quot;Halloween Photo Editing Contest&quot; (my approval is pending) if you have the chance give it a vote! <br>

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