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Here's a quick piece of decoration I made with my daughter a few days ago. It's easy to make and requires stuff that I expect to be readily avaliable if you do not already have them at home. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here is what you need:

- paper balls, different sizes are optional
- tissue paper, white, thin and square
- string, I used beige/almost white, but you can achieve a better floating effect with nylon
- something to hang the ghosts from, I used a metal ring I had laying around, but you could also use skewers or something similar

Tools that will come in handy:

- scissors
- needle, thick and sturdy
- pen

Step 2: Hang your head...

Picture of Hang your head...
Take a length of string and use the needle to pull it through a paper ball. I had to use a solid surface to push the ball down on the needle, and wriggle it to pull it through. Leave the string in the needle, you will need it for the next step.

Then, pull the string through till there is just enough remaining on one side to make two simple overhand knots. Use them to tie the string to the ball, as shown in the picture (the second one got a little blurred, but that's kids for you).

Step 3: Poke a hole...

Picture of Poke a hole...
Take a tissue paper and find the center. You can do this either in the old school fashion, which is another way of saying you can guess, or you do it properly by gently folding the paper diagonally and mark the middle by running a finger over the fold around the center. Do this for both diagonals and you get two crossed folds, marking the center for you. I know, it might not be more acurate than good guesswork, but it looks more professional.

If you did not leave the string in the needle, put it back in, and punch if through the center of the tissue paper. Pull it through till the tissue rests on top of the ball.
I loved making these when I was a kid! We used cheesecloth instead of tissues and hung them from the tree in front of our house. :D
Dominic Bender (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
That's a great idea!

I wonder what someone could do with a bunch of acrylic spheres (the kind that splits in half), a chain of lights and cheesecloth... The light-up ghost procession... Now if I had all that handy and a matching tree... I'll put it on my list ;).
boo im scared ! ok i will rethink my issue on the car crash thing
So cute, and such fun for kids :D