Here's a quick piece of decoration I made with my daughter a few days ago. It's easy to make and requires stuff that I expect to be readily avaliable if you do not already have them at home. 

Step 1: Materials

Here is what you need:

- paper balls, different sizes are optional
- tissue paper, white, thin and square
- string, I used beige/almost white, but you can achieve a better floating effect with nylon
- something to hang the ghosts from, I used a metal ring I had laying around, but you could also use skewers or something similar

Tools that will come in handy:

- scissors
- needle, thick and sturdy
- pen

I loved making these when I was a kid! We used cheesecloth instead of tissues and hung them from the tree in front of our house. :D
That's a great idea! <br> <br>I wonder what someone could do with a bunch of acrylic spheres (the kind that splits in half), a chain of lights and cheesecloth... The light-up ghost procession... Now if I had all that handy and a matching tree... I'll put it on my list ;).
boo im scared ! ok i will rethink my issue on the car crash thing
So cute, and such fun for kids :D

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