Ghost's 22-250 Target Rifle (KNEX)





Introduction: Ghost's 22-250 Target Rifle (KNEX)

THis is my first instructable. This gun doesnt shoot to far but i'm just starting. I will be adding the stepsin the next week or so and after that i will make a page for all the mods i can come up with. This gun is made up multiple other guns like gorkems handels and trigger.

OK, I'm finished with completing the instructions, so build away. U can now c all the mods for my rifle on another instrucatble. 4 everyone who needs more power go to my Ghost's 22-250 mods page and build the machine gun mod. Heres the link:

Step 1: The Stock/Butt

make these parts

Step 2: The Firing Ram and Action

Make these parts

Step 3: The Trigger

Make these parts

Step 4: The Stand

Make this

Step 5: The Mag and Plunger

Make this and u can make it as big as u want

Step 6: Putting It Together

Put it together. it should be pretty self explanitory



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    looks nice i would build it if i could but i got no peices left O and just throwing it out there if anyone can make a knex version of the steyr Aug A3 that would be freakin awesome Im pretty sure it looks sumtin like this

    This is pretty cool!!! I built something like this, it didn't have all the details though. :)

    I biult it so i could shoot across the room and the action moves alot so i would recommend building the machine gun attachment in the mods instructable it works alot better, its nice and comfortable though

    Good gun just not powerful at all and i am one of those people who like cool looking guns with power this gun has the looks in my opinion but not the power.

    yeah thats why i made the machine gun mod, it helps make up for the loss of power(seprate instructable)

    150 feet. Yes, I know. Buy those super thick/industrial rubber bands at Staples then wrap the whole gun up in duct/staffer tape. It actually works. :)