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When Ghostbusters first came out in 1984.
I just got out of the US Army.
My older brother had originally made this costume back in 1984.
26 year ago.

So, today I tried to duplicate what I remember from then.
As, I thought it was a very good costume.
I believe he took 1st place at some costume parties.

The costume is fairly easy to make.
Cheap too.
Costume total cost was under $25.

There are many different ways to do things, so I am showing
you the way I did it.
If you know of a better or cheaper way, let us know.

( I believe, there may be a Ghostbusters III coming out in 2012!)

Now onto the instructable...

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Step 1: Items Needed To Make The Costume

Picture of Items Needed To Make The Costume
These are the items I used to make the Ghostbuster costume.

Materials Needed
$10    1 - 2" x 4' x 8' sheet of white foam (at your local home store)
$6       Paint (sample cans at your local home store)
            red and White
$4      1 - White Sheet (or take the one off your bed!)
$1      6 - Ceiling hooks
$1      6 - Rubber Bands
$3      Transparency film (or just freehand the drawing!)

Tools Needed
Jig saw
Overhead projector (or freehand draw it)
3/4 drill bit (for the eye holes)
Epoxy or white glue
Sandpaper (100 grit and 220 grit)

Now, onto transferring the logo to the foam...
rickfmdj10 months ago


amedic2be1 year ago
Great job Angus. Ty
Greasetattoo (author)  amedic2be1 year ago
Angus, says "Thank you! ruff, ruff!"
Thank you so much for posting this! I'm a teacher and when my department decided to dress up as the Ghostbusters, I just knew I had to do something to make it special. It was a big hit! My students - and my friends - were very impressed. It took a long time, but it looks amazing.
Greasetattoo (author)  quirky_crafter2 years ago
Ok, I just viewed your picture, again!
GReat job, but...what is with all the money along the wall?
Just curious?
Greasetattoo (author)  quirky_crafter3 years ago
GREAT job!

You got it to the "T"!

Glad you enjoyed the instructable!
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mayala62 years ago
Love this show back in the day!
Greasetattoo (author)  mayala62 years ago
Great show, thanks for viewing my instructable!
This costume got my vote. I only cast a few vote but this is one on the best. Good Luck!!
mine to, really creative!
Greasetattoo (author)  MalmeyStudios4 years ago
Thank you!!

It was a hit!!
i made this costume for halloween last night, and it worked perfectly! thanks!
great idea
canida4 years ago
This is ridiculously awesome!
It looks like a wall-mount, I was surprised to realize there's a person underneath. Great job!
Greasetattoo (author)  canida4 years ago
Thanks for the kind comment!

Had some friends at a protest back in the day who fiberglassed a giant foam logo like that - made it strong enough to mount on a post outside long-term.
Greasetattoo (author)  August Spies4 years ago
Did you want to borrow mine? lol
arudlang4 years ago
Very Nice! I like how accurate it is, you have to look close before you can distinguish the picture of you in the costume from the actual image logo.
When I used to be more of an actor our set guy made most of our large props and backgrounds from sheet styrofoam like that, if I recall correctly his preferred method of cutting/slicing/detailing the foam was by heating a butter knife with a propane torch and then it goes through the foam like magic without leaving a huge mess of white bits. Never tried it myself but after seeing this I just might, thanks!
n0ukf4 years ago
Why not white gloves instead of the foam cutout hands?
The "no sign" might break easily. if you glue cardboard or paneling to the back, it'll strengthen it against accidental bumps.
Ward_Nox n0ukf4 years ago
yea i agree if you use what are called Cartoon gloves then you could hold stuff and or do the peace sign fromGB2
Greasetattoo (author)  Ward_Nox4 years ago
Yeah, good idea.
Cartoon gloves.
I was thinking of regular white gloves.

GREAT thought!
Greasetattoo (author)  n0ukf4 years ago
I tried white gloves, and it just is not the same.
The hands would be too small, then.

As, for the "no sign" breaking, it is 2 inch thick foam.
It is pretty reliable.

You could break it easy over your knee, but other then that I think it would be fine.
I wanted to keep it lite!

Thanks for the tips, though..
And don't forget to give me a vote!
this is truly great. i applaud you.
adamazing4 years ago
Step 2 is almost worthy of an instructable on its own. That's a great technique for scaling up a printout.
This is for sure a first. I really don't think that anyone has done a Ghostbusters costume like this one before. Top Marks on originality.
tocsik4 years ago
Awesome! I love it.