Project Purpose:  Allow Ghostbusters costumers to answer phone calls made to their Bluetooth capable cell phone without breaking character.

Video demonstration of modified MT500:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_FZpVC3boo

Materials needed to build Bluetooth-enabled MT500:
  1 – Motorola MT500 Radio, non-working preferred (between $15 and $40 on eBay)
  1 – Motorola T215 Handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone ($40 @ Wal-mart)
  1 – Scrap piece of soft 3/16” – ¼ thick foam
  1 – Fine gauge wire wrap wire
  1 – Cherry microswitch (Radio Shack or DigiKey)
  1 – Cell phone which is capable of binding to your Motorola T215 (almost all are, these days)
*Recommended – Ringtone which will add to the effect, such as a sample from the movie where a Ghostbuster is trying to raise a teammate using the radio

Tools needed to build Bluetooth-enabled MT500:
  - Phillips Screwdrivers (medium and small)
  - Dremel tool
      - Metal grinder bit
      - Plastic grinder bit
      - Cutoff wheel
  - Angle grinder with metal cutter wheel (optional, bur recommended)
  - Needle nose pliers
  - X-acto blade or razor blade
  - Soldering Iron (low temp for surface-mounted components and fine wire)
  - Low temp solder
  - Multimeter (for verifying circuits)
  - Goop adhesive or Hot glue

Before you start, it is a good idea to bind and test the T215 with your phone to ensure proper operation.

Steps and photos may vary between MT500 radios due to feature variances, but I had nothing significant to note between my MT500s with varying features.

Step 1: 1) Disassembly of MT500 Radio and removal of internal electronics

Step 1: Remove the battery cover using a coin.

Step 2: Remove the back of the radio using a medium Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3: Remove any electronics boards you can get to using a Phillips screwdriver. (remember to keep all external switches and knobs installed, as you don’t need to remove them for this project)

Step 4: Remove the metallic “middle” part of the housing by unscrewing the posts holding it to the face part of the housing using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 5: Remove any electronics boards you can get to using a Phillips screwdriver. Also, remove the built-in speaker AND microphone assemblies as well as all felt between them and the MT500 housing, as they will not be needed. Be sure to keep the bracket and screw that hold the microphone in place, as you will use this later.

You should now have a 3 piece housing plus battery cover all separated. All switches and knobs should still be in place.

Clean and easy to follow. May try to put this together over Christmas break. Great job.

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