Picture of Ghostbusters MT500 Radio with Bluetooth upgrade
Project Purpose:  Allow Ghostbusters costumers to answer phone calls made to their Bluetooth capable cell phone without breaking character.

Video demonstration of modified MT500:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_FZpVC3boo

Materials needed to build Bluetooth-enabled MT500:
  1 – Motorola MT500 Radio, non-working preferred (between $15 and $40 on eBay)
  1 – Motorola T215 Handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone ($40 @ Wal-mart)
  1 – Scrap piece of soft 3/16” – ¼ thick foam
  1 – Fine gauge wire wrap wire
  1 – Cherry microswitch (Radio Shack or DigiKey)
  1 – Cell phone which is capable of binding to your Motorola T215 (almost all are, these days)
*Recommended – Ringtone which will add to the effect, such as a sample from the movie where a Ghostbuster is trying to raise a teammate using the radio

Tools needed to build Bluetooth-enabled MT500:
  - Phillips Screwdrivers (medium and small)
  - Dremel tool
      - Metal grinder bit
      - Plastic grinder bit
      - Cutoff wheel
  - Angle grinder with metal cutter wheel (optional, bur recommended)
  - Needle nose pliers
  - X-acto blade or razor blade
  - Soldering Iron (low temp for surface-mounted components and fine wire)
  - Low temp solder
  - Multimeter (for verifying circuits)
  - Goop adhesive or Hot glue

Before you start, it is a good idea to bind and test the T215 with your phone to ensure proper operation.

Steps and photos may vary between MT500 radios due to feature variances, but I had nothing significant to note between my MT500s with varying features.

monkaboo4 years ago
Clean and easy to follow. May try to put this together over Christmas break. Great job.