Step 3: 3) Disassembly of T215 device

Picture of 3) Disassembly of T215 device
Step 7: Open your Motorola T215 by removing the sticky pads covering 6 screws. Remove the 6 screws using the fine Phillips screwdriver and carefully crack the housing into an upper and lower half. At this point, also disconnect the li-po battery and place that half of the T215 aside.

Step 8: Remove the red microphone in the T215 from its place by wiggling and prying gently. Take care not to wreck the wiring between the microphone and board.

Step 9: Using the fine Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws holding the long circuit board (button/controls) half of the board in place inside the T215. You will notice that the board for controls and the main board are connected with a fine ribbon cable. Take care not to kink or rip this cable.

Step 10: Mark the surface buttons with their function using the outside of the case buttons for reference, as you will be cutting this part of the housing off later.