Step 10: Alice Packs

We ended up attaching our motherboards to the ALICE packs using simple zip ties that we pre-drilled holes for. Then just added a couple pieces of Pipe foam for added comfort.


<p>What did you use for the externally attached red and blue wires on the pack? And the L connectors they seem to plug into? Those are nice detail. Did you also do any connected tube/wire thing that runs from the left hip in the front to the pack?</p>
I'm trying to build a proton pack using your instructions, and I was wondering if you could think of any more &quot;wallet-friendly&quot; alternatives to the ALICE pack.
<p>I picked up a Molle II frame (only) for $13 off of Amazon. Used but in good condition. It may not be as authentic looking as an ALICE frame at first, but with some decoration, it should be barely noticeable.</p>
You could probably make a similar frame out of PVC fairly cheap and pick up a used backpack at your local goodwill-type store fairly cheap and find a way to attach the straps to the PVC frame, after you have painted the frame of course.
Sorry, not really. That's kind of the one thing that's an absolute necessity for this project. The best thing I could offer would be the check your local Army surplus store though. They might have it for cheaper than what you're finding online. Good luck!
<p>Hi, can you talk about the &quot;metal window siding&quot; you used for the bumper? I can't locate anything like that at my Home Depot, so I might be asking for it by name incorrectly.</p>
<p>I asked about this at HD as well. At first they had no idea but this old dude who had nothing better to do kept wandering around looking. Finally when I thought he had gone for good he showed up with a great thing that looks _similar_ which came from the air duct section... but the goal is thin metal that can be bent. I'd be more interested in knowing now how the OP bent his bumper.</p>
<p>How much would you charge to make one of these for me? </p>
<p>awesome! My girlfriend and I were thinking of being ghost busters this year </p>
It was a big hit!
<p>I'm attempting to build my own based off of this design with a few minor changes, the only major change is that I'm using a raspberry pi to control the lights so I need to know how long does each light in the cyclotron stay on before the next one turns on?</p>
<p>Great Job man!</p>
Would you want to sell it?
<p>what kind of insilation foam did you use? It looks a lot thicker then what I'm finding in my area. </p>
Can you use cardboard instead of masonite board?
dear zombiedug some guy that works for placement says that is his proton pack so can you help me out from beleving him please thank you sincerely cody sucena who ya gonna call?
I'm sorry but your comment wasn't very clear. Who exactly is claiming that my proton pack is theirs? Because it most certainly is NOT.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Doug
dear zombiedug i am also trying to build a proton pack as im just wanting you to know that i am inspierd to build one with your premisson could you please email me the instrutions for me to build one. thank you
humm...i would have never thought of that, good one :)
Quick question, where did you get the ribbon on the cyclotron? Did you just have it laying around? Thanks!
stick a flame thrower on it
i like how you roll
what are the values of the capicitors. My friends and are trying to figure out how you did this.
Which LED kit did you buy? And do you have a video of the lights, battery pack &amp; cyclotron, so we see how yours ended up?
Can you make one for me and send it? PM me ;D
please tell me how big is the pack it self is it 3 feet or what i need to know and the middle is
Once again, please refer to the blueprints that I linked to over at GBFans.com . It's all right there, you just need to read them. Thanks!
how much is the final weight? you seemed to use a lot of wood, and in the ones my club and i have always made have as little wood is possible (mostly pvc - we make one or two wood packs then vacuu-form {did i spell that right?}), and they're still a good 10 or so pounds.
Since most of it is made out of insulation foam, the heaviest part is the motherboard and frame. The motherboard is made out of particleboard, so it's very dense but much lighter than your regular milling woods. In the end the final pack only weighs 5 or so pounds.
what kind of window sliding ?
Just generic plastic window trim
how big is the pack it self is it like 4 feet long im trying to build one to some day as well i love your version of the proton pack so awesome
check out the schematics over on GBFans.com for all scale questions. It's roughly 3 1/2 feet though.
2 years later and I'm still blown away by how much you all like the packs! I'm currently working on a &quot;part 2&quot; to this instructable on how to add arduino controlled lights and sound...and even a rumble pack for the gun! Schematics, code, the works. So keep your eyes open, because I should have it up just after Halloween with pictures and a new demo video!
really cool
that is the best proton pack ever i want one<br>
A proton pack is not a toy.........
Hi, I have to make 30 proton packs for a special needs camp next summer. Can the mold make many wands can it make? Also, do you think they end up sturdy enough for kids to use the whole summer? Thank you.
If you follow the recommendation of the silicon grade I used to make the mold of the gun box, you can easily get 30 made. As for the question about the sturdiness of the packs, that really comes down to how much time and care you put into constructing it. Instead of using a glue gun, you could always use epoxy for example. But you still need to be careful or yes, the packs will break since it's made out of foam predominantly. Good luck on your build! Sounds like it's for a great cause.
Thanks, ZombieDUG! - dramaplay
Were you at the Greenville Parade the year before last in costume? If so the costumes looked great.
Ha, no I was not. But I'm glad to see there are other Ghostbusters keeping the streets safe out there!
This is so brilliant!&nbsp;Wish I&nbsp;had seen this before Halloween.<br />
What types of cans did you use for the N-Filter and HGA.
&nbsp;They were just Pringles cans that we raided from the Dollar Store. There's a ton of great stuff at that store if you do a little digging.
They were both just Pringle's cans we got at the dollar store.
what did you use for the gun mount clip there in the first pic ? i am bulding my pack now and thats kind of a hang up...lol
It's an invisible picture hanger. Basically just a bracket that lays flat with another sister bracket. Pretty much every hardware store should have it, just ask an employee. Because when we were looking for one they were hidden in a weird corner of the store.
What is the can of air for? Did you know that cooling the solder joint is a bad idea? You could be getting bad joints.
What is Jesso?

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