Here is my ghostbusters costume from last Halloween! I did the proton pack in three days.

Step 1: Cardboard!!!

I usually try to make things as easy as I can. So to go with this I went with CARDBOARD!!! Its cheap and easy to cut and bend. I bought two cardboard presentation boards (the ones you used in science class) from a local store.

Hot glue gun
Two bags of glue sticks

Gorilla tape is also a must!!
Along with spray paint (black)
Also chemical lights (get blue and green ones)
Find tubing from a hardware store, the stuff I found was for organizing cables behind a TV. 

Sweet I used this as "guide" for mine I just made
<p>WOW AWESOME!!! But where exactly did you get the plans for step five...I mean I know it's from the website but where should I click?</p>
<p>Thanks! This an awesome proton pack, better than than the inflatable one!</p><p>It will work perfectly as a base model for mine! I'm going to add lights and mor do-dats on it.</p>
<p>I love that you made this from scratch- yet still needed someone to sew on your patches! LOL</p>
Awesome! So much better than the fake plastic one my brothers had when we were little!
This is rad!!! I am making an astronaut costume, and was just thinking...."how should I construct the backpack?"

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