Picture of Ghostbusters - a quick and easy proton pack
Here is my ghostbusters costume from last Halloween! I did the proton pack in three days.
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Step 1: Cardboard!!!

Picture of Cardboard!!!
I usually try to make things as easy as I can. So to go with this I went with CARDBOARD!!! Its cheap and easy to cut and bend. I bought two cardboard presentation boards (the ones you used in science class) from a local store.

Hot glue gun
Two bags of glue sticks

Gorilla tape is also a must!!
Along with spray paint (black)
Also chemical lights (get blue and green ones)
Find tubing from a hardware store, the stuff I found was for organizing cables behind a TV. 

Step 2: "Doe Ray Egon!!"

Picture of
Ok first the body. Finding the measurements for the pack size and such are easily done online.

But definitely go here

I cut out two shapes out for the body. Then I glue them on top of each other and gorilla taped the edges.

BAM proton back backing done. 

*Pat yourself on the back*

Step 3: "Ray I think he can hear you . . . "

Picture of
This is probably the hardest part of the whole thing. Finding a piece big enough to be the "cylcotron" I lucked out my fourth try with this beauty.

Measure out the holes as there is actually an order to them.

Depending on the plastic it's either gonna be hard or easy to cut out the holes. I ended up having to use my glue gun end to melt away the edges and smooth out the circles.

For the red areas I found four plastic military flash light lens. Worked great. But anything transparent enough and red will work also.

*feel ashamed of yourself cause you probably ripped the plastic cover from some little child hands as it was the last one*
acronenberg10 months ago

I love that you made this from scratch- yet still needed someone to sew on your patches! LOL

Awesome! So much better than the fake plastic one my brothers had when we were little!
This is rad!!! I am making an astronaut costume, and was just thinking...."how should I construct the backpack?"