Step 3: Then the simplistic editing!

The edits here are super simple!  But that's perfect, anyone can do it!

Here's what I did. 

Open up both pictures in pixlr.

Then copy the picture with the people and paste it right over the top of the plain background picture.

You have 2 layers now.  Then on the top layer (the one with the people) select that tiny carrot: Toggle Layer Settings (see picture)
It will bring up the OPACITY bar.  This is the fun part.  Just use the slider to make the people appear ghost-like!
Every picture is different.  Some I took the opacity to 60% some only 73%...

Then you want to look at the layers and make sure they line up as good as they can.
Not always super perfect, but it gives it a vintage double exposed kind of feel!  

Then I Desaturated the images...
You can also do sepia tones or old photo effects.

Wiredfey2 years ago
Want to try this project but was wondering which you used.i went to the site and there was three options,editor,express,and o-matic.

was curious
have fun