Step 4: Then OVER-DO it!

And if you're me, you will over-do it!  After all, we took over 300 pictures!

We altered tons of pictures!  We had them printed in 1 hour at Walmart, made cards for family and friends and wall decor for the entry way!

It helps if you have some ornate vintage frames...kind of spooky!

I realize this would be very disturbing if any of my children ever die...but for now, it's a great Halloween addition!

Thanks for viewing!  Let me know what you think...as long as it's nice! ;)
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paqrat2 years ago
Beautifully done. I may have to try this and I am a total klutz with a camera.
jfreeman32 years ago
Must say, I find this pretty awesome looking, and not that difficult to do. I've been looking for a nice tutorial/layout of what to do. I have been having the hardest time with Photoshop Elements. So, thanks for sharing this with us!
GREAT idea, simple instructions! This would be a FUN way to make invitations for a Halloween party, especially if you could use photos of the people who are invited. Thanks!!!
Another Halloween baby here :D (10/31/1982) This is cool!! I never knew how to use Photoshop so I never bothered. But after seeing how fun and simple this is I may start playing with it. I have to check out the other program you said. Next stop... to visit your blog now :)
corvhinus2 years ago
amazing work.people like you make me proud to be a halloween's child ((10-31-1986 )).my compliments to your children for recognizing their mother's genius :D
builddoll2 years ago
I love it!!! I'm a huge Hallowe'en freak so this effect makes a great addition to haunted houses.
Simple and creative! I love the effect!!