Step 4: Then OVER-DO it!

Picture of Then OVER-DO it!
dan in graveyard sepia jpeg.jpg
hailee in graveyard sepia 4x6.jpg
ghost family pictures vintage.jpg
ghost kids in pictures diy.jpg
ghostly family photos pictures graveyard.jpg
And if you're me, you will over-do it!  After all, we took over 300 pictures!

We altered tons of pictures!  We had them printed in 1 hour at Walmart, made cards for family and friends and wall decor for the entry way!

It helps if you have some ornate vintage frames...kind of spooky!

I realize this would be very disturbing if any of my children ever die...but for now, it's a great Halloween addition!

Thanks for viewing!  Let me know what you think...as long as it's nice! ;)
And please vote for me if you liked it!  :)
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paqrat2 years ago
Beautifully done. I may have to try this and I am a total klutz with a camera.
jfreeman32 years ago
Must say, I find this pretty awesome looking, and not that difficult to do. I've been looking for a nice tutorial/layout of what to do. I have been having the hardest time with Photoshop Elements. So, thanks for sharing this with us!
GREAT idea, simple instructions! This would be a FUN way to make invitations for a Halloween party, especially if you could use photos of the people who are invited. Thanks!!!
Another Halloween baby here :D (10/31/1982) This is cool!! I never knew how to use Photoshop so I never bothered. But after seeing how fun and simple this is I may start playing with it. I have to check out the other program you said. Next stop... to visit your blog now :)
corvhinus2 years ago
amazing work.people like you make me proud to be a halloween's child ((10-31-1986 )).my compliments to your children for recognizing their mother's genius :D
builddoll2 years ago
I love it!!! I'm a huge Hallowe'en freak so this effect makes a great addition to haunted houses.
Simple and creative! I love the effect!!