Step 3: Train Trestles...

We can now take the legs and combine them into our basic support units.

From a single piece of cardboard or pieces, make a channel type shape about 18 inches wide to enclose the ends of the upright legs.

You need four sets of trestles.

Sort out the legs to be even sized pairs. Glue on the cross piece.

You can use a level to check you are making an a level set of legs.

Place the level on top of your head.  Check to see if your head is level.
I want one :)
Have you thought about putting a real timer inside and connecting all the legs together (your fabric would have to be conductive fabric of course) so that it would really work?
I haven't made a bunch of <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-100mm-LED/" rel="nofollow">giant LEDs</a> that I could hook up to it. &nbsp;Besides, the noise and high resistivity of conductive fabric would not be a good choice for digital circuits.
Ah, your probably right. Well maybe after you make some giant LEDs you could maybe just use a strip of aluminum foil or metal on the legs.
lol ...what s next.....curious....
you should make a 3909 led flasher lol
that would be epic if the legs were medal and were atached to a real 555 inside. then you could connect it up!
You could do that if you made others out of CMOS logic gates, because the capacitive coupling could do binary counting when certain people hold hands, on other logic elements, with the 555 acting as the master clock. ha ha - gotta love ths one! Makes you wonder why no one thought of it before...
good idea!, and make other giant components and make a circuit!
Some work and components on<a href="http://www.element14.com/community/groups/hack-factory-global-hackerspace-challenge?view=blog" rel="nofollow"> &nbsp;aTINY breadboard</a>.
Awesome. nuff said
Very cool!<br><br>now the next step would be a breadboard floor and a 24DIP IC for the bed. maybe some giant LEDs for lighting and an electrolytic capacitor for a night stand...
But you would have to keep your room clean otherwise there would be shorts on the floor.
So, now you need the fully-functional cardboard piano to sit at.<br><br>Or possibly a giant Stylophone...
I will need to make a Bosendorfer Imperial then.
I heartily endorse this idea and look forward to the instructable.
Very geeky, I love it!
I would totally make one of these! Although, I would make mine outta wood. Kinda like this one: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/555stool
It would be easier to make it out of wood but the point is, you can make it out of cardboard and suited for stealth projects in the dorm room where you can't lug up sheets of plywood and timber and be hammering, sawing or screwing away all night....wait

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