The Giant Altoids tin.  10 ounces of Altoids.  That's 5.681818181818182 regular tins worth of mints.  I can't even FATHOM that.  This Altoids tin is so big, it can fit other Altoids tins inside. 

Observe, the nesting Russian Altoids tins. (Ok, so the third one isn't an Altoids tin.  So sue me.)

Step 1: I Heard You Leik Altoids Survival Kits.

Moving on.
Haha. Wish I had a tin that big-I could make a nice sewing kit from it. :)
That giant tin looks old! I wonder how much you could sell it for on ebay?
I have my basic &quot;Urban&quot; survival kit<br>Empty pen to store random matches in, Carabiner, screwdriver. money, allen wrenches, medicine, coughdrops, bandaids, Altoids tin, guitar string, wire, string, paper, pencil, eraser top, guitar pick, flash drive, flash light, rubber bands, etc.<br>all in one normal sized altoids tin.
So many survival kits have matches in them. I would advise against matches unless you happen to have a nice cigar in there too. A lighter will light a hundred times as many fires for the space it fits in, and it's waterproof. :)
I have a killer app for the altoid can (s), I'm using it now, but its so good I would like to make money from it. &quot;good&quot;, eye of the beholder, I know.<br>Any suggestions ? I was thinking maybe winning a contest with it, but then that's risky.
this is now my favorite altoids survival ible'
Where did you get that giant altoids tin!? Great instructable!
They were sold in the early 2000s, I think. I got mine on ebay.
how much was it?
Wait!<br>The third one isn't an Altoids tin!<br>You sir, shall be hearing from my attorneys!<br>Phineas T. Litigious is not a man to be trifled with.<br>Good day to you!<br><br>(Seriously, though, this larger tin with smaller tins inside gave me a great idea. Thanks!)<br>
very funny. LOL

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