Step 3: Making the Bullet Tip and Bottom of the Casing

The best (and easiest) way for me to make the tip and bottom was to turn it on a lathe. 

First start with a length of 2 inch dowel that seems proportional to the body of the "bullet."  I had a .270 win bullet as a model to work off of and started on the part that will be attached to the body. I use a parting tool for most of my turning and I used it to hollow out a portion of the dowel that would slip into the opening of the fire extinguisher. Then, using a pencil, I marked where the beginning of the actual bullet portion would start. After marking the line that I was happy with, I used the parting tool to start shaping the tip of the bullet. As soon as the tip was close to being finished, I used 220 sand paper to sand out any major scratches. After being happy with the turning, I cut it off and sanded the very tip smooth to get rid of the cut off mark.

The bottom of the casing, I used a scrap piece of cedar fence board and turned it between centers. After making it round, I started work on the portion of the wood that goes against the bottom of the fire extinguisher and then began shaping it to the final shape. The gap between the wood and the fire extinguisher will be covered with air drying clay after their epoxied together so I didn't care if it was perfect.
BOOM headshot ; )
lol Wonder how much a round of this would cost.<br>Nice 'ible.
I wonder the size of the gun and the damage it would do if it was real. =D
See below:<br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40_mm_Bofors
its called a cannon
now all you need is a big sniper
Did you put a primer on it also?
I used the parting tool and made a line like you see around a primer on a real bullet. I didn't paint it though.
Awesome prop!<br /><br />You're going to have a lot of 'splaining to do if you get pulled over with this on your motorbike rack.
Yea.... I will. =D<br>

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