I needed to make about 25 tuna salad sandwiches, so a large batch was in order. I was handed two 4 pound cans, and shown a walk-in cooler filled with all sorts of produce and condiments. Tuna salad making definitely scales up and down, so this will work with a much larger or smaller amount as well. I figured I would stick with the basics of great tuna salad: solid white Albacore packed in water, salt and pepper, chopped celery and lots and lots of mayonnaise. Since I didn't perform the actual sandwich making part of the process, I can't say exactly how far this batch went, but it seemed likely there would be plenty, and I was able to snack to my tuna lovin' heart's content.

Step 1: Open Cans.

Picture of Open Cans.
Having an industrial grade can opener is not necessary, but sure makes it feel super pro! Any size can and/or can opener will do. A true tuna lover will find a way inside, and a true tuna hater will look on in amazement.
zanbowser7 years ago
Don't forget a teaspoon or two (for a batch that big, probably 3 or 4) of white vinegar or white cooking wine! Then, your spices and veggie flavours will marinate with the tuna and moisture (mayo or water or oil - whatever is your fancy) and make everything a much better blend. Being a Marylander, and a true Baltimoron, I always chuck in a small handful of Old Bay as well!
or pickle juice!!
amy (author)  zanbowser4 years ago
My mom used to add white vinegar and sugar- perfect bland of sweet, tart and, of course, fishy.
Mmm, that does look good! I hope my walk-in cooler has those fixins too.
amy (author) 9 years ago
my 1st carefully crafted response comment didn't take, so here goes another attempt:
um, yeah!

I normally make a few ounces at a time size batch, and it was particularly rewarding to cook for friends on a show site:

i love tuna sandwiches... but this is like a normal batch when my mom makes it. did i mention were polish, POLISH PRIDE!!!!
oh yea i dont live in poland tho