Picture of Giant Batch of Tuna Salad
I needed to make about 25 tuna salad sandwiches, so a large batch was in order. I was handed two 4 pound cans, and shown a walk-in cooler filled with all sorts of produce and condiments. Tuna salad making definitely scales up and down, so this will work with a much larger or smaller amount as well. I figured I would stick with the basics of great tuna salad: solid white Albacore packed in water, salt and pepper, chopped celery and lots and lots of mayonnaise. Since I didn't perform the actual sandwich making part of the process, I can't say exactly how far this batch went, but it seemed likely there would be plenty, and I was able to snack to my tuna lovin' heart's content.
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Step 1: Open Cans.

Picture of Open Cans.
Having an industrial grade can opener is not necessary, but sure makes it feel super pro! Any size can and/or can opener will do. A true tuna lover will find a way inside, and a true tuna hater will look on in amazement.

Step 2: Drain liquids.

Picture of Drain liquids.
Some tuna comes packed in lots of water (preferred) or oil. Whichever you choose, drain well by pressing severed lid onto tuna while pouring off liquid into sink or other disposal area. Press against tuna to squeeze out as much as you can. Extra, undrained liquid will interfere and make the salad too moist.

Step 3: Empty cans into large bowl.

Picture of Empty cans into large bowl.
Dump the tuna into a bowl large enough to thrash around in while mixing. I hate it when there isn't enough room to swoosh the mix, and it falls over the edge and onto the table or floor. Once you've dumped into the bowl, you can still drain off any liquid you may have missed. Break up the chunks with a fork, a large spoon, or if you're feeling adventurous, your extremely clean fingers.
zanbowser7 years ago
Don't forget a teaspoon or two (for a batch that big, probably 3 or 4) of white vinegar or white cooking wine! Then, your spices and veggie flavours will marinate with the tuna and moisture (mayo or water or oil - whatever is your fancy) and make everything a much better blend. Being a Marylander, and a true Baltimoron, I always chuck in a small handful of Old Bay as well!
or pickle juice!!
amy (author)  zanbowser4 years ago
My mom used to add white vinegar and sugar- perfect bland of sweet, tart and, of course, fishy.
Mmm, that does look good! I hope my walk-in cooler has those fixins too.
amy (author) 8 years ago
my 1st carefully crafted response comment didn't take, so here goes another attempt:
um, yeah!

I normally make a few ounces at a time size batch, and it was particularly rewarding to cook for friends on a show site:

i love tuna sandwiches... but this is like a normal batch when my mom makes it. did i mention were polish, POLISH PRIDE!!!!
oh yea i dont live in poland tho