The idea went something like this. "We should make cake pops." "We should make them for Thanksgiving." "Let's make a giant cake pop shaped like a turkey."  Conclusion: my husband and I are weird.

Step 1: Bake Cake

This was our first time making cake pops, but I knew the basic concept.  We started by baking two different cakes, chocolate and vanilla (for dark and light meat).
could you use white chocolate or would it be to weird, im keen to know your opinion <br>
You could definitely use white chocolate, you would just end up with a white turkey. Maybe make some white meat and dark meat ;)
lol.great idea...gotta love it.
This is an awesome idea but one question: is the cake very sweet or is it just like eating a normal cake?<br>
It is pretty sweet. I couldn't eat quite as much of this as I could normal cake.
To get a more realistic shape and texture, you could get a turkey mold, coat the inside with chocolate, then squish the cake stuff in after the chocolate cools.<br><br>After unmolding, make holes in the chocolate with a hot knife, and poke in the sticks.<br>
If you are weird, the world needs more weirdness. Just sayin'. Awesome idea.
You may be a little weird but I prefer that over BORING. Great work!
Weird indeed.
Really cool! I would put a layer of German Chocolate frosting over it to mimic the color of a turkey. Wish I would have seen the recipe before Thanksgiving. Definitely making this next year.
That is awesome! Great idea! So much chocolate goodness!

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