Picture of Giant Cake Pop Turkey
The idea went something like this. "We should make cake pops." "We should make them for Thanksgiving." "Let's make a giant cake pop shaped like a turkey."  Conclusion: my husband and I are weird.
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Step 1: Bake Cake

Picture of Bake Cake
This was our first time making cake pops, but I knew the basic concept.  We started by baking two different cakes, chocolate and vanilla (for dark and light meat).

Step 2: Crumble Cake

Picture of Crumble Cake
Next, we dived in and started crumbling the cake up.  I went straight in with my hands.  Once it was crumbled, I added in about 2/3 a can of frosting and worked it into a nice dough.

Step 3: Sculpt

Picture of Sculpt
For the body of the turkey, I just took the entire blob of vanilla and molded it into a turkey shape.  For the drumsticks and wings, I molded smaller shapes and stuck sticks in them.  It was a little weird putting sticks in the wings but it will make it slightly easier to eat.

Step 4: Cover with Chocolate

Picture of Cover with Chocolate
Now it was time for chocolate.  We used bakers chocolate.  I've heard people mention using those candy melts as well, but I don't have the experience to compare.  For the drumsticks and wings, I was able to dip it in and roll around.  Since the appendages were pretty heavy, I used a spoon to help pour chocolate over and cover it.

For the body, I just poured a bowl of melted chocolate over the top and used a spoon to help spread it around.  Be sure to do this on a non-stick surface and not your final serving platter.  The chocolate really pools at the bottom so later you will trim the excess and move it.

Step 5: Attach Limbs

Picture of Attach Limbs
Once the chocolate has set (the fridge really speeds this up), you are ready to assemble your turkey.  To move the body, find a partner.  My husband lifter the entire silpat we were using and slowly peeled one edge down.  I then put a spatula under that end and we slowly moved it onto the plate. We were out of chocolate so I used frosting to attach the limbs.  Just blob a bunch on there and press the pieces on.  I recommend using a utensil to push them on because your fingers will melt into the chocolate.

Step 6: Finish!

Picture of Finish!
To finish, we cleaned up the edges where the frosting was and added little marshmallows to the ends of the drumsticks.  Done!
scott_green2 years ago
could you use white chocolate or would it be to weird, im keen to know your opinion
jchang8 (author)  scott_green2 years ago
You could definitely use white chocolate, you would just end up with a white turkey. Maybe make some white meat and dark meat ;)
danlynne073 years ago
lol.great idea...gotta love it.
gnatquill3 years ago
This is an awesome idea but one question: is the cake very sweet or is it just like eating a normal cake?
jchang8 (author)  gnatquill3 years ago
It is pretty sweet. I couldn't eat quite as much of this as I could normal cake.
bgoldberg13 years ago
To get a more realistic shape and texture, you could get a turkey mold, coat the inside with chocolate, then squish the cake stuff in after the chocolate cools.

After unmolding, make holes in the chocolate with a hot knife, and poke in the sticks.
NateHoy3 years ago
If you are weird, the world needs more weirdness. Just sayin'. Awesome idea.
Beauceron3 years ago
You may be a little weird but I prefer that over BORING. Great work!
florinc3 years ago
Weird indeed.
lmnopeas3 years ago
Really cool! I would put a layer of German Chocolate frosting over it to mimic the color of a turkey. Wish I would have seen the recipe before Thanksgiving. Definitely making this next year.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
That is awesome! Great idea! So much chocolate goodness!