Picture of Giant Cardboard LED lamp
Photo 27-08-2012 17 38 36.jpg
This lamp is designed using 'Autodesk 123D Make' available at you can also use the on-line app on their website.

The Materials:

- Cardboard sheets (the thicker the better - set the thickness in Autodesk)
- Thick wooden dowel sticks
- Large Empty detergent bottle.
- Old lamp fitting and bulb


- Scissors
- Box cutter
- Wood/cardboard Glue.
- Spray paint (black,silver,red)

Step 1: Construction

-Choose an object or design from the ones available in Autodesk 123d.

- choose the option to display the object in slices. 

- make sure the object is hollow.

- Export the object as a pdf and upload it to this website to receive a dxf version.

- send the dxf version to a laser cutter and get the slices cut in thick cardboard or wood.

- glue the slices together in their order.

you now have a printed 3d object :)

I used the bottom of a detergent bottle as the base for the lamp. (spray with black spraypaint)

2 dowel sticks provided the stand/ leads of the led. (spray with silver spraypaint)

Attach the bulb and fitting to the inside of the lamp

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.