Giant Chocolate Dinosaur Lollipop





Introduction: Giant Chocolate Dinosaur Lollipop

I once made this lollipop for a special girl who likes chocolate and dinosaurs. She liked it a lot and we lived together happily ever after.

Step 1: Ideation Sketches

Sketching dinosaurs is fun! There are all kinds of dinosaurs. Big ones and small ones. And sometimes dinosaurs can be a bit mean... But of course the giant lollipop dinosaur had to be a cute one... With the sketches I experimented to get the proportions and detailing right, keeping in mind that the lollipop had to be molded (draft angle) and that it would look nice as a lollipop.

Step 2: CAD Model

I made the basic 3D geometry with t-splines for rhino, using the sketch as an under layer.

The t splines model was then imported into Z-brush for final detailing.

The STL model can be downloaded here.

Step 3: Making the Mould

With a CNC-milling machine the the dinosaur was milled from a piece of foam. Then with a thermo vacuum machine the mould was made from a 1 mm sheet of plastic.

Step 4: Pouring Chocolat

Using the method of au bain marie, about 1.8 kg of milk chocolate was molten. A PVC pipe with a diameter of 20mm was used as the stick.

When pouring chocolate into moulds it is important to temper the chocolate to get a nice shiny surface. If the chocolate is not tempered properly the surface will look matte and rubbish. See the instructions for temepering chocolate here:

Step 5: Give It to Someone Special

This is the lovely girl I gave the giant chocolate dinosaur. And we lived together happily ever after.

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    Nice I love chocolate especially big chocolate figures!!!!!

    Awesome recipe with a cute background story :)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments :). Happy that I can share with you

    This is all kinds of awesomeness. The idea, the execution, everything's in there!

    Have my vote. Leaving to eat some chocolate now. :D

    Excellent work!

    Apparently, the best way to a woman's heart is through thoughtful, creative, chocolate-based gifts!